Jan. 18, 2010 – PWC Digest

Manufacturers highlight comparisons

With the sudden lack of head-to-head PWC testing available through the traditional magazine outlet, both Yamaha and Sea-Doo have taken things into their own hands to get consumers model comparison information.
A prominent link on the Yamaha Web site now offers a comparison between any WaveRunner model and select models of their competitors. Sea-Doo’s link may not be as immediately obvious, but it’s also linked from its home page. Depending upon which Sea-Doo model you choose, a drop-down menu is created with links to at least one competitive model. While the information is interesting, consumers should be wary of the marketing slant. This is Yamaha or Sea-Doo picking a competitive model, so it may or may not agree with a consumer’s personal preference.
For example in the same head-to-head comparison, each brand lists themselves as, what else, the winner.

A zero-emission PWC?
A zero emission vehicle company that has plans for a PWC has selected a new marketing company. California-based Electric Moto Corp., chose New York-based IPG Group to launch its dual sport electric motorcycle, a press release stated.
Electric Moto Corp. says it has plans for several other vehicles, including a PWC.

Kawasaki taps Jamie Little
Kawasaki recently revealed a collection of new video product presentations on its Web site, and the spokesperson is none other than television personality Jamie Little. Little goes over the highlights of each model in relative depth.

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