Oct. 5, 2009 – Suzuki N.A. sales drop 30%

Suzuki’s North American motorcycle division sales dropped 30 percent in its most recent quarter, the company reported in its quarterly earnings.
The sales report comes as the company is examining all aspects of its business, says Rod Lopusnak, the national sales manager for American Suzuki Motor Corp.
The company’s North American motorcycle division sales for its most recent quarter, which ended June 30, totaled 29,000 units. That number, a drop from the year-ago total of 43,000, includes both ATVs and motorcycles.
“We are revisiting every aspect of Suzuki and making improvements to support our dealers,” Lopusnak said, noting the company is focusing on three key objectives: improving the health of its dealers, stimulating floor traffic and racing.
Suzuki’s overall North American sales, including all aspects of its business, amounted to $516 million, a decline of nearly 54 percent from the year-ago period. Suzuki’s sales declines were not limited to North America, however. The company’s European motorcycle division sales fell even more, down 54 percent to 27,000 units. Its sales also fell substantially in Asia.

Looking ahead
For North America, Lopusnak says Suzuki is keeping a close eye on inventory while also being proactive in driving consumers to dealerships.
“While Suzuki currently has one of the leanest inventories in the industry, we are committed to bring dealer inventory down even further,” he said, noting the company will release a limited number of 2010 models “in markets and segments that need it the most.”
To drive floor traffic, Lopusnak says Suzuki will host a pair of national open houses and a national sweepstakes that will require customers to come into dealerships.
“We are not taking it for granted that customers are rushing into dealerships,” he said. “Therefore we are partnering with our dealers to create an environment that not only increases floor traffic, but also improves the dealers’ satisfaction with their dealership visit.”

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