Aug. 10, 2009 – Snowmobile Digest

About 800 snowmobiles recalled

Polaris voluntarily recalled about 800 model year 2009 Assault RMK 146 snowmobiles, model numbers S09PL8EE and S09PL8ES. In cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Polaris pulled the sleds due to a loss of control hazard, stated the CPSC.
The bolts on the rear suspension can break, causing the rail tip to become dislodged and interfere with the snowmobile’s track. This can cause the track to lock up and the rider to lose control of the snowmobile, posing a risk of injury, the report stated.
There have been eight incidents reported in which the rail tip bolts broke, two of which resulted in the rider being ejected from the snowmobile. No injuries have been reported.
The sleds were sold in Polaris dealerships nationwide from September 2008 through June for about $10,600.

Grand Prix de Valcourt files for bankruptcy

The board of directors of the Grand Prix de Valcourt has filed for bankruptcy because the organization has been the victim of an alleged fraud, according to a press release supplied by Super Competition Motorsport (SCM) President Marcel Fontaine. The SCM is a Québec-based snowmobile racing circuit that competes at the Grand Prix.
The fraud is estimated at a few hundred thousand dollars and is part of the current debt that includes a $230,000 loan from a financial institution and almost $270,000 owed to 70 suppliers.The board also announced the dissolution of Grand Prix de Valcourt Inc. and that it has suspended the Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt, at least for February. The event was established in 1983. With hopes to minimize its financial burden, the town of Valcourt, Québec, has received a $100,000 grant from BRP.
The board has taken all necessary actions to assess the estimated fraud, including civil action against the alleged fraudulants and a criminal investigation by the Québec Provincial Police, the release said.

Cycle Country debuts snowmobile snowplow

Cycle Country announced its Ski Force, the first snowplow made for snowmobiles, which retails for $649 plus shipping.
The plow features a lift bar that “makes it all happen,” said Curt Hill, director of marketing. “You simply hook your electric lift to the lift bar, push the toggle switch and the blade raises and lowers as needed. I chose Cycle Country's new X Force poly blade to keep it light, three-position blade angle to keep the blade from hitting the skis and their patented A-Arm mounting system to secure the push tube to my machine.”
The plow also features breakaway shear pins to protect my machine from an unforeseen impact.
Users will need reverse, and Hill advises not to use it in tight areas, and make sure the clutch is totally engaged when plowing.
For more information or to order contact Cycle Country at 800/841-2222 or psb

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