Dec. 22, 2008 – BRP targets illegal reselling of Sea-Doos in U.K. lawsuit

BRP appears to be taking strong steps to protect consumers from so-called “grey market” sales. Only months after terminating the company’s business relationship with a pair of major North American BRP dealers, and handing out stiff penalties to 17 others in the region, the company has won a lawsuit to refrain a U.K.-based reseller from illegally importing Sea-Doo models that were purchased outside the European Economic Area.
“BRP’s position in regards to grey market is not new,” BRP’s Vice-President, General Counsel and Secretary Martin Langelier said in a press release. “We strongly believe that the way we operate through local distributors or dealers ensures the well-being of our network, protects consumers and maintains our brands.
“We have and will continue to take action against those who work outside this legitimate system.”
SQM Jetpower, the reseller in question, has been ordered to pay a significant amount in damages and costs to BRP, as well as provide the details of where it purchased the PWC in question. United Kingdom law prohibits importing goods from outside the European Economic Area without the brand owner’s consent. psb

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