Dec. 1, 2008 – ATV Digest

Yamaha awards grant to off-road business group

The Off-Road Business Association (ORBA) has received a Yamaha OHV Access Initiative GRANT (Guaranteeing Responsible Access to our Nation’s Trails) of $15,000 for trail identification and mapping equipment.
The grant was awarded as a part of Yamaha’s OHV Access Initiative promoting safe, responsible riding and open, sustainable riding areas.
The funding will be used to purchase equipment that will enable ORBA to expand its efforts on behalf of its members and the OHV community as a whole.
The GPS mapping equipment, mapping software and laptop computers will enable ORBA staff to inventory current trails and provide accurate, detailed information to land managers involved in travel planning and route designation. This information will assist land managers to identify routes that they might not be aware of or to update information. “We are honored to have our application approved by the GRANT funding committee,” Fred Wiley, executive director of ORBA, said in a press release. “We look forward to using the equipment and funding to help provide continued access to trails that are threatened by closure and hopefully enable the designation of many routes not currently on agency inventories or designated for motorized travel.”

KTM to launch ATV Rider support program

KTM announced its first-ever ATV contingency and rider support programs geared toward the “Ready to Race” ATV customer.
With KTM’s racing heritage and four race-ready ATVs in the line-up, supporting ATV racers was the next step in stamping KTM’s name in the ATV industry.
To reward current KTM ATV racers who are competing on 2008 or 2009 models, riders will now have the opportunity to earn their share of $529,000 in KTMCASH available in 12 different ATV racing series. Once all event schedules are finalized, racers will be able to log on to www.xtrm.com/KTM to review the eligibility requirements, rules, series information and earn KTMCASH.
“KTM has always supported racing from a grassroots level,” Kurt Nicoll, director of KTM Racing, said in a press release. “Being involved in ATV racing on the national and regional level is a great way to showcase how competitive our product is.”
In line with KTM’s “Ready to Race” philosophy, KTM is also offering racers the opportunity for factory rider support packages. The ATV contingency program covers multiple disciplines of ATV racing.
Racers are encouraged to submit their rider résumé to KTMATVracer@KTMNorthAmerica.com, fax 951/600-8866 or by mail at ATTN: ATV Racer Support 38429 Innovation Court, Murrieta, Calif., 92563.

Conferences scheduled for off-highway groups

The 2009 annual conferences for the National Association of OHV Program Managers and the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) are set to take place in Houston on March 23-29.
The first three days will be scheduled for trail rides and other nonriding activities, while the program managers group meets on Thursday and Friday. The NOHVCC partners and supporters are slated for Friday through Sunday. If anyone is interested in making presentations at either conference, please contact the home office at 800/348-6487 or trailhead@nohvcc.org.

ATV trail improvements planned in Pennsylvania

ATV projects are part of Pennsylvania’s $44 million plan to support more than 300 conservation and recreation projects, according to a press release.
Funding for the grants comes from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Keystone Fund, which is generated from a portion of the realty transfer tax, Growing Greener I and II and the ATV/Snowmobile Fund.
The grants will fund a variety of projects, including 66 miles of trails.
Some examples of the projects include more than $2.1 million for projects in the 12 counties in the north central region that make up the Pennsylvania Wilds, providing support for park and trail infrastructure improvements.
Included is $120,000 for ATV trail rehabilitation and the addition of several miles in the Allegheny National Forest and $45,200 to the Forest County Snowmobile Club for snow grooming equipment to maintain 75 miles of trails. psb

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