Apr. 21, 2008 – Ducati 2007 sales rise 30 percent

Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A released the financial details of 2007, a year that saw considerable turnaround in the company’s profits.
A year after losing euro 8.5 million, Ducati grossed euro 13.3 million ($20.9 million) in 2007, the company announced after its board of directors approved the year-end results.
Revenue was up more than 30 percent to more than $434 million as sales of both new units and parts, accessories and apparel rose significantly.
“The results act as confirmation of the success of the ongoing actions aimed at improving both the Ducati Motor Holding’s competitive position and its organizational and industrial process restructuring,” Gabriele Del Torchio, Ducati Motor Holding’s CEO, said in a press release. “New products launched during 2007, in particular the new superbike and Hypermotard, have significantly contributed to the margins and to the increase in sales volumes.”
Ducati increased its motorcycle shipments to North America last year by more than 22 percent, eclipsing 10,000 units.
The company also eclipsed another major milestone in 2007. “For the first time in Ducati’s history the threshold of 40,000 registrations has been passed,” Del Torchio said. “This has allowed us to both increase our market share and significantly decrease network stock.”
Registrations increased in the United Kingdom (36 percent), in north Europe (nearly 28 percent) and the United States (more than 22 percent). There were slight decreases in registration in Japan (nearly 3 percent) and France (less than 1 percent). psb

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