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Jan. 21, 2008 – New option for snowgoers from Mattracks nears full production

The developer of a stand-on, track-propelled snow machine, which looks much like a snowboard, has started production on a limited number of units.
Mattracks, the U.S. aftermarket company known for its track conversion kits, unveiled its Black Diamond Powerboards at last year’s Dealer Expo. The machines have a 200cc engine that is centrally located on the board. Powerboard users can place a foot in back and in front of the machine to ride it.
Riders can go up to 18 mph and move the board by leaning and shifting their body weight, according to a company Web site. Mattracks says the board is designed for snow-covered regions that do not have big hills or mountains, although the machine can handle deep snow.
The Powerboard, which weighs 150 pounds, has a rubber track and a mainly aluminum chassis. MSRP is $1,699.
Del Wright, marketing manager for Mattracks, says there will be a limited number of Powerboard units available for this season.
“Our real focus is on gearing up in hopes to meet the market demand for next fall,” he said.
“We have had real positive feedback on the product, and it opens up a whole new arena of outdoor winter recreation. It’s going to be fun to see how this market develops over the next few years.”
Mattracks, which has a manufacturing facility in northwest Minnesota, is best known for its ATV track conversion system. The company builds the LiteFoot brand, which has five different track configurations for ATVs and ATV utility trailers. psb

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