Jan. 21, 2008 – Dealer Expo reorganizes in its 40th year

The 40th annual Dealer Expo will feature several changes from last year’s show, including an international exhibit hall and added pavilions, resulting in various layout changes.
Trevor Trumbo, show manager, says the modifications to the show floor and layout should help attendees find their way around. “The 2008 show should be one of the easiest for dealers to navigate and do business,” he said.
The changes include added pavilions and Marketing Manager Kathryn Groble says the Expo will group similar vehicles together to make it easier for buyers to find what they want.
Groble notes dealers and retailers say the No. 1 reason they attend the Dealer Expo is to see the new products and services being launched into the marketplace. In response, Trumbo says the show added the new exhibitor pavilions, which puts new products and services at the forefront.
The new exhibitor pavilion will be located in the Marriott and will open a day early, Friday, to give attendees an extra day with the new products and vendors. However, the exhibit closes at 3 p.m. Sunday.
The Expo is also adding the international exhibit hall, which features the new vehicle pavilion in the RCA Dome. It will have more than 35 companies featuring their vehicle lines. The new vehicle pavilion with the international hall allows most of the exhibiting vehicle manufacturers to be in one central location.
The international hall will have more than 110 companies from 16 countries. There will be pavilions of vehicles and aftermarket products from Canada, China, Europe, Pakistan and Taiwan.
Trumbo says the exhibit will make it easier for buyers to shop the global vendors.
“If you’ve been thinking about doing business overseas,” Trumbo said, “this is one way Dealer Expo can provide you with access to the expanding global marketplace.”
In addition to the added pavilions, the 2008 Expo partnered with Dealership University to present three educational seminars, including “Performance selling,” “Handling discounters and competing in today’s market,” and “Implementing a training plan for dealership staff.”
Trumbo says Dealer Expo is excited to help dealers train their employees.
“[Dealership University is] committed to helping dealerships and managers take the next step in training and retaining employees,” Trumbo said. “These courses are designed so that managers can take the information they learn and apply it right away to their business.”
The Dealership University seminars run Friday and Saturday. Attendees can visit www.mydealerexpo.com for expanded seminars. For more information, visit www.dealerexpo.com, which includes the floor plan. psb

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