Dec. 3, 2007 – Snowmobile Report

Michigan Trails Shutdown Averted
A potential trail shutdown was averted when Michigan’s trail grooming clubs and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) came to an agreement over ownership rights of grooming equipment.
“The [clubs] had very serious equipment ownership concerns that were addressed under the handbook agreement,” said Bill Manson, executive director of the Michigan Snowmobile Association.
Michigan grooming clubs are expected to sign the “Grant Sponsor Handbook” with the DNR. The handbook establishes a binding financial agreement to administer the trail grooming snowmobile program.
2008 Updates For Polaris
Polaris announced these changes and updates for its 2008 models:

  • 800 Dragon RMK 155/163:?Shipments to the Western/Rocky Mountain Region (including North and South Dakota) were scheduled to begin this week, starting with 163-inch models and then the 155-inch models. Shipments to Midwest and Eastern dealers will begin in January.
  • 600RR: PERC electronic reverse now comes standard.
  • 600 IQ Touring: Skis will have a single carbide, and the FS and FST IQ Touring models will have dual carbides.
  • Widetrak LX: The fuel tank will hold 11 gallons, the same as in 2007
  • 600/700 Dragon SwitchBack: These models come standard with a grab bar, not the hand guards featured in the brochure picture. Hand guards are standard on Dragon IQ models.
  • 800 IQ: Specs include a?15-by 121-by 1-inch Hacksaw track; an IFS front suspension and rear suspension with RydeFX HPG, IFP shocks; The machine will sell for $9,699 ($12,599 CND). psb

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