Dec. 3, 2007 – OEMs issue major snow recalls

Three snowmobile manufacturers have announced product recalls this fall for a range of issues affecting about 36,400 units. The companies issuing the recalls are Polaris, Ski-Doo and Yamaha.
The biggest of the recalls belongs to Polaris, which has about 28,000 affected units. It hits certain models made between 2004 and 2007 and includes the 2007 600 HO SwitchBack, the 2006 600 HO fusion and the 2004 Pro X series. A complete list of affected models is at www.cpsc.gov.
At issue is a filler neck that can crack and separate, which allows fuel or vapors to leak from the tank. This could create a fire hazard.
This isn’t the first time the fuel necks have had a recall. In May 2005, a recall was issued for this same problem with many 2004 and 2005 machines. The recall was revised in August 2006. At that point, refix was a fuel neck reinforcement.
Polaris spokeswoman Marlys Knutson called the latest recall an “expansion”?of the previous ones. The list of affected vehicles is greater, and the fix is more elaborate.
“Consumers that previously replaced the filler neck are now being asked to take their sled back to the dealer for replacement of the entire gas tank,” she said.
The company has received 1,048 reports of the filler neck cracking or leaking, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safetly Commission. No injuries have been reported.
Ski-Doo Recalls Select 2008s
Ski-Doo’s new machines likely have not seen snow yet, but some will get better-acquainted with their dealers.
On Oct. 31, Ski-Doo issued a recall on 2,700 of its 2008 models:?the 2008 MX Z Adrenaline 800R, MX Z X 800R, MX Z TNT 500SS, MX Z Trail 500SS and the Summit Everest 154 800R.
These machines will get two fixes:?one to address cracking fuel tanks and one to fix a faulty throttle cable. The cracked fuel tank can allow fuel and vapors to escape, which poses a fire and burn hazard. The throttle cable issue could lead to a loss of speed control, posing a crash hazard.
The throttle cable fix is only necessary on the 800s, said Steve Cowing, Ski-Doo spokesman. There are no parts to replace, just an adjustment.
The tank inspection and replacement is more involved. Cowing said tanks are being shipped to dealers. Machines that have not yet shipped are getting the correction on the assembly line.
There have been no injuries associated with these recall items, according to the Consumer Product Safety Comission.
Yamaha Recalls Phazers
Yamaha has issued a recall on its 2007 Phazer models because of a potential steering problem. About 5,700 units are affected.
While no accidents or injuries have been reported as a part of the problem, there is a possibility that snow and ice can stick to the steering idler arm. This could cause a loss of steering ability, which could lead to an accident.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission is overseeing the recall.
The models affected include the Phazer, the Phazer FX, the Phazer GT, the Phazer Mountain Lite and the Venture Lite. The snowmobiles were sold between June 2006 and September 2007.
Yamaha spokesman Wade West said on affected units, the clevis pins that prevent the steering idler arm nuts from falling off can become dislodged. If the clevis pins are dislodged, the idler arm nuts can fall off if they become loose.
Yamaha will replace the steering idler arm nuts, clevis pins and collars. The nuts will be tightened to a new torque specification. The pins are changed from a clevis type to a split cotter-type. This is a preventative measure, he said, as no incidents or accidents have been reported.
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