Oct. 15, 2007 – PWC Report

Kawasaki Unveils 2008 Lineup
As expected, Kawasaki Motors Corp. elected to not introduce any new models for 2008, relying instead on the current lineup, highlighted by last year’s Ultra 250X, Watercraft World’s 2007 “Watercraft of the Year.”
In a somewhat unexpected move, however, the company discontinued the STX-12F three-seater and dramatically lowered the price of its STX-15F. How low? Try $8,099 for a craft that once was the flagship vehicle in the Kawasaki lineup. The move promises to truly shake up the lower end of the market, where 110-130 hp machines are the norm in this price range.
Elsewhere, the company has made tweaks to the popular Ultra 250X. Rather than the dual waterboxes featured in 2007, the 2008 Ultra will sport a single waterbox. The exhaust tube leading from the waterbox to the hull outlet also has been changed. It’s now a smaller diameter. The exhaust exit also has swapped sides in the hull. Kawasaki also has improved the spark plug cap for durability and added a third green-and-white color scheme for 2008.
Also of note, the Ultra is now Three Star compliant for ’08.
Clean Water Act Update
The American Watercraft Association (AWA) reports some progress on the Clean Water Act issue, where an amendment under consideration currently threatened to require all boat owners to purchase a federal permit in every state they planned to operate their watercraft.
The AWA reports that Florida Sen. Bill Nelson has dropped his amendment to review the plan in exchange for a commitment from California Sen. Barbara Boxer to address and preserve the 34-year-old exemption for recreational boating. “AWA applauds this bi-partisan effort,” noted Director Chris Manthos. psb

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