September 24, 2007 – PWC Report

Honda Unveils New Models
In an announcement that took many in the industry by surprise, Honda unveiled two all-new models just as this issue went to press.
Details will be available in the next issue, but in the meantime here are a few specifics. The craft, dubbed the F-15X and F-15X GPScape, feature dramatically redesigned hulls, along with all-new, 1470cc turbocharged engines that reportedly crank out 200 hp.
The lines are very bold and aggressive, especially when compared to the conservative look of Honda’s existing models.
Pictures of the new PWC?can be viewed
at Honda’s Web site, www.powersports.honda.com.
Kawasaki Holding Pat?
After arguably the most dramatic year in the company’s PWC history, Kawasaki is apparently sticking with the status quo for ’08, not offering any new models to its existing lineup.
New colors and graphics are certainly in order, but insiders tell us not to expect anything new until 2009.
While we believe the reports, we’re holding off on any definitive statement until late September when Kawasaki holds its dealer meeting.
World Finals Schedule
The IJSBA has released a tentative schedule for the upcoming 2007 World Finals, although changes continue to be made. The most recent announcement is that “Walt’s 4 Hours of Havasu” will kick off festivities Oct. 7.
Run very similar to the Mark Hahn Memorial, the four-hour race will be run on a 10-mile course, with the winners earning IJSBA world championship titles for PWC Endurance Racing. psb

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