August 13, 2007 – Five Most Overlooked Accessories: for hunters

With all the available ATV hunting accessories available on the market, it’s easy for some to be overlooked when it comes to necessary equipment for a hunter’s ATV setup.
One of the biggest factors for many hunters is trying to battle the elements, whether it be cold weather, rain or wind. Others have special requirements, such as bowhunters, a rapidly growing segment of the hunting industry whose participants require special equipment to be able to transport their bows from one location to another.
As a dealer, it pays, both for customer trust and potential profits, to be aware of niche accessories that many hunters can’t go without. Following are a list of five that fit the bill.
Bow rack — These racks are a must-have for any bowhunting enthusiast, as they allow a hunter to safely and securely attach his or her bow to an ATV similar to a gun clip.
Many bowhunters aren’t aware that bow racks are even available for ATVs, and end up transporting their bows in clunky, space consuming cases. The key for any dealer is to ask whether a hunter uses primarily a bow or gun, and then be sure to make them aware of the option to purchase a bow rack. Bows are often equipped with expensive and fragile accessories, and a bow rack can go a long way to ensuring that a bow arrives at a hunting location safe and sound.
Handlebar mitts — Handlebar mitts are often forgotten until a hunter is driving with wet hands in cold temperatures or high winds. The mitts are affordable and easily slip over the handlebars of an ATV, providing a rider with protection from the elements during a ride.
If you’re a dealer in a cold weather state, be sure to mention the benefits of mitts to your customer, as these products can be great investments when temperatures begin to dive.
Hunting blind — If handlebar mitts aren’t enough to satisfy a hunter who’s concerned about battling Mother Nature, then hunting blinds are a perfect suggestion. Similar to other cabin enclosures for ATVs, hunting blinds allow a hunter to stay warm and dry while on their ATV, and provide openings for using either a gun or bow. They come in a variety of camouflage patterns and figurations, and can be easily removed and stored for quick transport.
These products are particularly popular with waterfowl hunters, who can drive right up to their hunting location, conceal their ATV and then hunt from the convenience of their weather-proof enclosure.
Extra fuel storage — Many hunters log hundreds of miles on their ATVs during a single outing, either traveling to their hunting location or chasing game. For hunters on the go, additional fuel storage can be a lifesaver. The storage units easily attach to an ATV, and depending on the model can handle several sizes of fuel containers.
GPS/Cell phone mount — In today’s technology age, few hunters head into the field without their GPS unit and cell phone by their side. This simple device attaches directly to an ATV’s handlebars, and allows a hunter to mount their GPS/cell phone so it’s within their view at all times, allowing them to travel without having to stop to check their location or to see who’s calling. psb

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