July 2, 2007 – 10th anniversary YZ models feature power, handling upgrades

Ten years after debuting a four-stroke motocrosser for competition in world racing events, Yamaha Motor Corp. unveiled its newest line of YZ models.
The new line includes changes to the bikes’ power, weight and handling, the company recently announced.
The new YZ models are expected to be released Aug. 1. Here’s a closer look at some of the changes being made to the 2008 YZ lineup:

  • The shapes of the intake ports have been changed to help improve torque in the low- to mid-speed range.
  • Piston adjustments were made to reduce vibration and mechanical noise.
  • The steering assembly has been re-designed to reduce weight and improve rigidity.
  • A new front brake assembly, used in the 2007 model YZ250F, “creates an even lighter feeling while providing outstanding stopping power,” the company announced in a press release.

  • A piston with a new top surface design enables an increase in the compression ratio;
  • Changes in the shapes of the boss clutch and the primary driven gear in the clutch assembly will promote better oil supply and contribute to better competitiveness at starts and coming out of turns.
  • Changes to the front fork and under-bracket achieves both weight reduction and improved rigidity.
  • Wider stainless steel footrests have been provided for greater comfort.
    YZ250, YZ125

  • The flow of intake air on the YZ125 has been improved, which should upgrade the bike’s acceleration performance.
  • To reduce weight, the brake system from the 4-stroke YZ series has been adopted.
  • Lighter parts also have been adopted for the front fork protector, the front fork axle, the wheel collar and the axle bracket.
    YZ85, YZ85LW
    These models have a new look by adopting YZ series graphics. psb

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