June 4, 2007 – Product Showcase

American Multi-Purpose Tool
Company: Motion Pro
Contact: 800/533-8010; www.motionpro.com
The American Multi-Purpose Tool kit is designed for roadside adjustments or service on motorcycles with SAE hardware. The kit includes straight-slot, phillips, allen and torx bits, which can be used to remove 5/16-inch, 7/16-inch, 1/2 and 9/16-inch nuts/bolts. Also, 7/16-inch and 1/2-inch drive sockets are included as well as a durable nylon carrying case with a belt.
MSRP: $59.90
Company: ServiceSheet Inc.
Contact: 866/241-6747; www.servicesheet.com
ServiceSheet Inc. says it’s the only product created for service departments that provides instant access to preventive maintenance schedules through the customer’s VIN. It gives service departments the information to access cohesive lists of maintenance tasks for every vehicle, and they can show they’ve completed all required maintenance on warranty holders’ motorcycles. Service managers at authorized Harley-Davidson dealerships can quickly check each vehicle for open safety recalls. In addition, customers receive a ServiceSheet document that lists all of the work completed by the tech, including specific notes about their motorcycle. The software currently covers Harley-Davidson and Buell motorcycles and is available to Harley-Davidson dealerships and independent shops via the Web site.
MSRP: Lower-volume dealers and independent (nonfactory affiliated) shops begin at $50/month; higher-volume dealers and repair facilities have packages at $100/month and $200/month.
Omega Pro Plus System
Company: Omegasonics
Contact: 800/669-8227; www.omegasonics.com
Omegasonics has upgraded to its Omega Pro Plus System. The Omega Pro Plus uses nontoxic soaps and ultrasound to remove oil, grease, dirt, old gas and carbon from all motorcycle parts. Whether cleaning carburetors, forks, suspensions, heads, pistons or inner primaries, the Omega System can clean out threads and blind holes without removing gaskets, seals or rubber hoses. Meeting all EPA standards, the new system eliminates toxic solvent baths, carburetor spray cleaners and time-consuming hand labor.
MSRP: $8,995
6mm Bore Scope
Company: Goodson Tools & Supplies for Engine Builders
Contact: 507/452-1830; www.goodson.com
This product allows the user to inspect hard-to-access components without disassembly. The 6mm Bore Scope features interchangeable super-bright blue and white LED flashlights for leak detecting and internal component inspection. It can be used with and without the scope, and the super-thin 6mm water and abrasive resistant shaft gets into places other scopes can’t. Other elements include advanced fiber optic imaging bundle, which provides 7,400 pixel resolution for clarity, a no-droop 38-inch flexible shaft, clip-on angled mirror that helps pinpoint leaks and flaws, fluorescence enhancing glasses that are included for use with UV light and fluorescent dyes.
MSRP: $549.99
DMX2 Fender Mount Tool Kit
Company: Cruz TOOLS Inc.
Contact: 888/909-8665; www.cruztools.com
An alternative approach to carrying tools in a fanny pack is with the DMX2 Fender Mount Tool Kit for off-road motorcycles and ATVs, which mounts directly to front or rear fenders. The kit includes a special mounting pad that bolts to the fender, and the kit attaches securely to the pad with both velcro and compression straps, allowing easy attachment or removal. Since the DMX2 can be exposed to moisture, a rain fly is also provided. All tools are lifetime guaranteed. Ample storage is provided for additional items, including a zippered mesh compartment.
MSRP: $99.95
Dynolab PT Version 4.4
Company: SAKOR Technologies, Inc.
Contact: 517/332-7256; www.sakor.com
SAKOR Technologies Inc. has introduced version 4.4 of its DynoLAB PT Test Cell Control System. Highlights include multiple performance enhancements, updated instrumentation drivers and improved data-logging capabilities. It features a high-performance database logging subsystem, which allows customers to log multiple data streams at high speed and synchronize them with other data sources. The system can be linked to virtually all database and data analysis software via an industry standard Microsoft SQL server interface. The DynoLAB PT 4.4 system is ideal for engine and power-train testing, and provides cost-effective, reliable testing of engine and drive-train components in performance, durability and quality control applications.
MSRP: Varies depending on configuration
Valve Compression Tool
Company: Riva Racing
Contact: 800/241-4544; www.rivaracing.com
This compression tool allows easy removal of valve springs and keepers on Sea-Doo 4-TEC personal watercraft engines without removing the cylinder head. It includes a compression adapter to pressurize the cylinder, keeping valves in place during removal of springs and keepers.
MSRP: $134.95
PG1232 Platen Grinder
Company: Winona van Norman
Contact: 316/219-3500; www.winonavannorman.com
The Platen Grinder is designed for the engine and transmission rebuilder. Its removable front and end belt guards allow the operator to finish a variety of parts. It has a 944 sfm belt speed for fast stock removal, and the 32-inch length capacity allows the user to do any automotive cylinder head. There is a hardened and precision ground platen for long life and flat surfaces. The grinder also comes with 3 HP drive motor in 3ph or 1ph, a removable dust tray in the cabinet helps trap dust and debris, a cam over adjustable quick tensioners for fast belt changes and tracking adjustments, a covered foot switch control for operator safety, and 40-, 60- and 80-grit belts available for doing cast iron or aluminum.
MSRP: $3,495
Portable Workbench
Company: Park Tool
Contact: 651/777-6868; www.parktool.com
The new portable workbench can be taken just about anywhere. The PB-1 is a workbench that folds for easy transport and storage. It features a large work surface (91.5cm x 58.5cm) with specially sized slots, holes and recesses and for holding tools, shop towels, lubes, beverages, etc. Folding steel legs provide a solid base for a toolbox and supplies.
MSRP: Not available
The MX-Pro Version
Company: Tire Balls
Contact: 877/847-3225; www.tireballs.com
The MX-Pro Version is the newest type of Tire Ball kit for ATV and UTV vehicles with cells made of thinner lightweight material for less added rotational mass for maximum vehicle performance. The Tire Ball cells were designed for competition and recreational riders. The company says the cells have proven to be durable for ATVs in cross-country competitions. The MX Pro kits are available for all common tire sizes. Due to greater gas permeability, it is recommended that between competitions the tires be inflated to pressures comparable to the pressure in the Tire Ball cells.
MSRP: Price per wheel: $169.95 psb

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