April 23, 2007 – ATV Report

N.A. Vice President to Head KTM Racing
KTM has announced that Winfried Kerschhaggl, the company’s current vice president in North America, took a new position as head of KTM Motor Sports on April 1.
Kerschhaggl will return to the head office in Mattighofen, Austria, to take up his new position as head of KTM Motor Sports.
KTM has begun to develop a new strategy for its comprehensive worldwide racing activities. Kerschaggl, who will hold overall responsibility for the company’s motorsports activities, will implement KTM’s new strategy.
Land & Sea Gets New Headquarters, Plant
Land & Sea, the New Hampshire-based dynamometer system manufacturer, announced its purchase of several acres within the New Hampshire State Capitol’s Concord Airport Business Park to construct a new headquarters and plant.
Construction of the company’s new multi-story corporate headquarters, devoted entirely to quadrupling the DYNOmite Dynamometer factory’s size, is currently under way.
Upon completion, in-house dynamometer development and fabrication facilities will occupy nearly 50,000 square feet of the plant’s first floor. Another half-dozen engine test cells and chassis dyno bays share the remaining ground level with 21?2 stories of DYNOmite inventory warehousing. The building’s second and third floor offices will house software development, engineering, training, sales and technical support.
Bill Requiring ATV Titles in Alabama Clears Hurdle
Alabama’s House of Representatives has passed a bill that seeks to require ATV titles on any new quads beginning in 2009.
Although it still needs Senate approval, the bill would affect approximately 25,000 buyers of new ATVs each year. The certificates of title would cost $13.75.
Under the bill, the owner of a 2009 or later-year ATV could not receive any insurance payments for damages without a copy of the certificate of title. Untitled vehicles also could not be used in a state park or wildlife management area without proof of title.
Oregon ATV Helmet Mandate Rejected By House
Oregon’s House of Representatives voted to defeat a bill that would have required ATV riders to wear a helmet while riding on any public lands.
HB2062, one of five ATV safety-related bills introduced this session, was defeated 34-22 on March 28. In The Oregonian, House Speaker Jeff Merkley, who voted against the measure, said “It’s a question for me of when do you tell people what they can do and how much latitude do you give people in our society to say, ‘It’s your choice.’” psb

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