Product Showcase – September 25, 2006

Goodyear Rawhide Camo
Goodyear’s Rawhide Camo ATV replacement tire offers ATV outdoor enthusiasts capability and stealth. The Rawhide Camo utilizes six-ply bias-type construction with a specially designed three-quarter inch deep, self-cleaning tread pattern that performs especially well in sloppy conditions. Furthermore, Goodyear’s proprietary process molds a three-color paint veneer into the tire during the curing stage. Together with the natural black of the rubber compound, the resulting four-color pattern blends subtly into natural backgrounds.
Goodyear, 800/845-8378; www.goodyearatv.com
SuperTrapp IDSX Slip On
SuperTrapp Industries has a new IDSX Slip On ATV exhaust for the 2004-2006 Arctic Cat 400. The IDSX Series features a 3″ internal disc design that functions as a U.S.F.S.-approved spark arrestor. The internal disc design keeps mud and debris from clogging the discs, while the extended turndown outlet keeps exhaust away from plastic body parts. Tune the IDSX for more horsepower and sound quality at different points in the powerband by adding or subtracting diffuser discs. All stainless steel construction includes canister, head pipe and core.
SuperTrapp Industries, Inc., www.supertrapp.com
ATV Wagon’s 800 AL
The 800 AL ATV Wagon now comes with a removable rack on the lid, water-tight electronics, and a larger 2-inch coupler. The 800 AL ATV Wagon hauls 30 cubic feet of gear and is made of weather-resistant aluminum, a torsion-bar suspension, 25-inch tires.
ATV Wagon, 208/455-8433; www.atvwagon.com
SLiME Smart Spair
The SLiME Smart Spair offers a portable solution to flat tire repair. Simply fill with SLiME tire sealant, plug an air-compressor into your ATVs power socket, turn it on and re-inflate. The Smart Spair comes with SLiME sealant and a 300psi, 12-volt air compressor – everything you need to complete the job and continue rolling.
Accessories Marketing, Inc., 805/489-0490; www.slime.com
BUB Big Bore
BUB’s Big Bore silencers are purpose-built for utility quads. The company says its silencers weigh less than stock versions, have removable USFS spark arrestors and suppress sound without suppressing power. Made of aluminum and stainless steel with billet-machined end caps and mounting brackets.
BUB, 800/934-9739
Caliber Grip Glides
Designed for open-frame ramps on flatbed trailers, solid-frame ramps on enclosed trailers and tilt trailers, Caliber’s new Grip Glides Ramp Kits provide effective gripping traction for ATVs while simultaneously delivering a friction-free glide surface for snowmobile skis. With Grip Glides, ATVs drive right up the ramp, through rain, mud or snow. Snowmobiles glide smoothly up on to the trailer, keeping the sled’s wear bars high and dry.
Caliber, Inc., 888/TRAXMAT
Fast Funnel
Why waste time cleaning spills when you can prevent them? Fast Funnel disposable funnels are the simple, convenient, and environmentally friendly new way to pour. These disposable funnels come folded flat in handy 3-packs and are easy to use; simply tear the top funnel from the header, pop open and they’re ready. When you’re done, there’s no spills and no clean up to worry about… just throw the used funnel away. And since you always have a new funnel ready for use, cross-contamination is eliminated.
S&S Concepts Inc., 847/434-1560; www.fastfunnel.com.
Two Brothers’ M7
Two Brothers Racing now has a V.A.L.E. slip-on exhaust system for the 2004-2006 Yamaha Rhino 660. Two Brothers says the brushed aluminum M7 will add nearly two additional horsepower compared to an OE system. The addition of a performance CDI box will provide up to 6.2hp compared to stock. Also four pounds lighter than the stock system, the M7 comes with removable USFS spark arrestor and all mounting hardware and instructions.
Two Brothers Racing, 800/211-2767; www.twobros.com
Featherlite SURV
Featherlite manufactures specialty aluminum trailers, including snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle and SURV trailers. Featherlite SURV trailers, with a garage in the rear and living space in the front, are designed to haul ATVs, dune buggies, jeeps, motorcycles, and all kinds of outdoor gear for hunters, fishermen and other outdoor enthusiasts.
Featherlite Trailers, 800/800-1230; www.fthr.com
Camoplast Tatou for UTVs
Camoplast’s new Tatou UTV is designed to fit popular two-seat utility vehicles. The tracks cover a surface of 2,600 square inches or 1.67 square meters, giving utility vehicles an improved ability to float over even the deepest snow.
Camoplast ATV Track Systems, 866/533-0008; www.camoplast.com
ITP TerraCross R/T
ITP’s new TerraCross R/T utilizes radial construction, interlocking tread pattern and wide footprint to deliver traction and flotation in mud, snow and sand. Another TerraCross R/T exclusive is its wrap-around shoulder lug design, which provides sidewall protection and grip when navigating trails with large ruts or rocks. And despite its six-ply construction, the TerraCross R/T is surprisingly light in weight. Applications are available for a number of sport-utility quads and side-by-side vehicles.
ITP, 909/390-1905; www.itptires.com psb

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