A celebration of the year’s best – May 15, 2006

More than 70 people attended the 10th annual Powersports Awards of Excellence, an industry event held recently by Ehlert Publishing Group, the Maple Grove, Minn., publisher of Powersports Business.
The event not only honored manufacturers for building the top vehicles of the year, which were selected by Ehlert consumer magazine editors, but also Powersport Business’ Executive of the Year for 2006: Ducati North America’s Michael Lock.
Lock attended the event, held April 20 in Newport Beach, Calif., with his wife, Suna. Representatives from a number of powersports companies also attended.
During the event, Ehlert announced the creation of Inside Powersports, an upcoming weekly Internet news show that focuses on the powersports industry.
The launch coincides with the expanding presence of high-speed Internet access throughout the United States. In August, broadband penetration in U.S. homes rose to 61.3 percent, according to Nielsen/Net Ratings. This is the first time broadband penetration has exceeded 60 percent in the United States among active Internet users, reported Nielsen.
“With that depth of penetration of broadband we are now able to add another dimension to our print content,” said Stacey Marmolejo, senior vice president of marketing and media development for Ehlert. “Different people prefer to receive information in different ways. And hard-core enthusiasts simply can’t get enough powersports information.
“With a weekly news show and product video features, we’re now able to provide our readers with more information in a visually and audio-stimulating format.”
Inside Powersports debuts May 8 on Ehlert’s eight consumer Web sites. The first episode will feature highlights from the industry awards event. An interview with Lock will appear on the Rider and Cruising Rider Web sites.

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