March 13, 2006 – FROM THE MIC: Group supports legislation with benchmarked standards

MIC does wholeheartedly share Ed Lemco’s concerns regarding the need for responsible distribution and retailing of powersports products.
As MIC told Lemco when he addressed the Board of Directors on Feb. 17, MIC welcomes the opportunity to meet with any dealer association to discuss issues of interest and concern. MIC wants to work together to find solutions through appropriate state legislation or other suitable means to protect the entire industry and ensure that dealers are best positioned to serve the consumers — MIC’s member companies’ ultimate customers.
With respect to the sale of ATVs, both MIC and the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America, the association of ATV manufacturers and distributors, support federal legislation that holds all manufacturers and distributors of ATVs in the United States accountable for complying with benchmarked standards, providing free safety training and supporting public information and educational initiatives that encourage riders to ride responsibly and make good decisions.
For some time now there have been new entrants to the U.S. ATV market whose products do not meet these standards and are sold to customers who receive no offer of formal safety training. We feel these are irresponsible sales practices. Sales of these products are estimated to account for approximately 20 to 30 percent of the U.S. market. SVIA has urged the Consumer Product Safety Commission to continue its efforts to ensure that all companies take appropriate action when product recalls are deemed necessary.
The commission needs to take the necessary actions to require all ATV companies that are conducting ATV business in the United States to offer products that conform to the ANSI/SVIA ATV Standard, offer free hands-on safety training to their customers, and follow the advertising guidelines, age recommendations and sales practices outlined by ATV companies in their action plans, which are on file with CPSC.
It is important that all companies engaging in ATV business in the United States do so responsibly and that they provide the safety programs and level of after-sales support, including parts and service, that consumers have the right to expect. psb
— Kathy Van Kleeck is the senior vice president of the Motorcycle Industry Council.

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