Feb. 13, 2006 – Snow Hawk provides big and small options

AD Boivin has released details on its three Snow Hawk models for 2007, including two new offerings and one returning machine.
The company, based in Levis, Quebec, dropped its 600 H.O. model for this year, instead opting for significantly larger and smaller engine sizes.
The new Top Gun uses the Rotax-built 800 H.O., 140 hp engine. The machine weighs in the 400-pound range, which compares to the weight of last season’s 600cc Outlaw ST and Sport/Trail ST.
The Top Gun features include an improved Motion Like rear suspension more suitable for trail riding. AD Boivin says it’s smoother in small bumps and stiffer on rough moguls. It has 16 inches of travel and three KYB rebuildable gas shocks.
Also new is the clutch, a TRA III combined with the HPV VSA 10 to handle the torque of the 800. The track has a new lug pattern, which the company says is more efficient, faster and quieter.
As the company goes large with the 800, it also goes small with two machines. The Hawk Jr R60 came out last year, and receives only cosmetic changes for 2007, including an orange ski. The company aims this machine at the 8-year-old-and-up crowd. The 5.4 hp Raket engine is made by Radne Motor AB, a Swedish go-kart engine maker.
Also coming on small is the new Hawk Jr R120, which the company calls its intermediate model. It’s an easy model for beginners, but can also satisfy more experienced riders, the company said. The engine is also made by Raket.
The machine weighs less than 100 pounds and the engine cranks out 14 hp.
Like the R60, the R120 uses AD Boivin’s Expert Xtreme rear suspension with 5.25 inches of travel. Up front, both use a fork system with 3.5 inches of travel.
Pricing is not yet available. psb
Engine: Rotax-built 800 H.O., 140 hp
Weight: 400 pounds
Brake system: Brembo, 34mm twin piston
Clutch: TRA III combined with the HPV VSA 10
Rear suspension: a Motion Like suspension designed for trail riding
Track: Camoplast 128 inches x 12 inches
Color: Yellow, black, white
Hawk Jr R120
Engine: Raket 120 cylinder
Weight: 100 pounds
Brake system: Mechanical disk brake
Track: Camoplast 90 inches x 6 inches
Color: Black, green
Hawk Jr R60
Engine: Raket 60 cyclinder
Weight: 90 pounds
Brake system: Friction
Track: Camoplast 90 inches x 6 inches
Color: Black, orange

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