Feb. 13, 2006 – A glance back at Tucker Rocky’s 2005

DALLAS — Tucker Rocky president Steve Johnson presented a bright picture of the company’s 2005 performance.
Johnson spoke at a press conference Jan. 20 in Dallas at the Tucker Rocky annual sales show. The event featured a show of 88 booths of accessories and apparel that the company distributes.
Johnson said the company added 18 new territories and 30 new sales reps in a successful 2005 that saw double-digit sales increases. Johnson also lauded the company’s 2005 fill rate, which he said was the best ever at the mid to the high 90s.
Johnson said he sees “a new level of energy at Tucker Rocky,” something he didn’t encounter perhaps four to five years ago.
Part of that high energy might be due to the recent success the house brands have had. Johnson noted several house brands increased in sales in 2005. psb

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