AMA Publication Deals with Cycle Sound Levels
The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) held its second National Summit on Motorcycle Sound on May 14 in Columbus, Ohio. The organization recently published its recommendations for addressing the issue.
The recommendations, released as a document called “Sound Advice”, come after two years of effort by the Motorcycle Sound Working Group, which was formed after the first summit conference in May of 2003. Contributors included representatives of the street and off-road motorcycling communities, as well as powersports manufacturers, aftermarket companies, law enforcement, municipal government, and research institutions and regulatory agencies.
“'Sound Advice' speaks with virtually every voice in American motorcycling, and it speaks to everyone who has a stake in American motorcycling's future,” said Ed Moreland, AMA Vice President for Government Relations and facilitator of the Motorcycle Sound Working Group. “We encourage motorcyclists, businesses, and communities to work together to support the working group's recommendations.”
“Sound Advice” is available in pdf format on the AMA's website, Visit

Big Concerns About Minis
As powered scooters and mini-sized motorcycles (pocket bikes) grow in popularity, more cities and states are moving to ban or regulate their use on public property. In some states, the law prohibits anyone without a driver's license from operating a motorized vehicle of any kind. Trouble is, say law enforcement officials and others who monitor transportation, these new vehicles present a whole different set of safety issues - and often don't mix well with foot traffic on sidewalks or with bigger, faster cars and trucks on roadways.
The Governors Highway Safety Association will hold a workshop on the subject of “unconventional vehicles” at its annual meeting this summer in Norfolk, Va.
Utah is one state that recently enacted a law banning pocket bikes from public roadways and paths unless the bike and the driver are licensed. And some cities are banning many types of motorized recreational vehicles altogether.
“We saw kids zooming into intersections - 5- and 6-year-olds riding down the middle of the street,” says Sgt. Dan Carlson, a spokesman for the police department in Burnsville, Minn., which imposed a ban in February, after several residents complained.
Because every state and city has its own set of regulations, it can get confusing for riders who are often unaware of restrictions when they buy motorized recreational vehicles at toy stores and specialized dealers.

Harley-Davidson Enters Russia
Harley-Davidson, Inc., opened its first dealership in Russia last month.
The store is located in Moscow's Kutuzovsky Prospect, a fashionable road the equivalent of New York's Fifth Avenue. Harley's neighbors include Rolex, Gucci, Chanel and Prada retailers.

Brock New Executive Director of GWRRA
Donal E. Brock was named executive director of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association effective May 16, 2005. Brock will move to Phoenix, Ariz., from his current home in Richland, Wash.
Don and his wife Cindy have been members of GWRRA since May 1988. He has served as National Leadership Training Director for the Western Region, Region I Leadership Training Director, Assistant Chapter Director, Chapter Director and Region I Director.
With over 82,000 Members in 52 countries, the Gold Wing Road Riders Association is the largest single marque motorcycle organization in the world. The International Headquarters is located at 21423 North 11th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85027; 623-581-2500;

Ducati Perfume?
Ducati has partnered with Ermenegildo Zegna's new Z Zegna fragrance in a marketing deal where a Ducati Black Monster plays a leading role. Taking the collaboration one step further, the firms will be co-sponsoring the 2005 annual edition of the Centopassi Challenge. Centopassi will run from July 21 to July 24, 2005, in the Western part of the Alps, through mountains passes and over one thousand kilometers of roadway. The event is open to motorcycles of all brands and features two classes: Competition Class and Iron Biker Class for riders who prefer a non-competitive experience. Z Zegna will be the title sponsor of the third edition of Centopassi, while Ducati Motor will be the technical partner of the event.

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