Honda, Jialing Update Business in China

China Jialing Industrial Co., Ltd. says it is prepared to change the scope of its joint venture with Japan’s Honda Motor Co. Ltd. by taking on the production of more Honda models, strengthening dialogue at the top management level, cooperating in areas including intellectual properties and environmental protection, and further expanding shared manufacturing technologies, quality control, and human resource development.
Honda Motor currently has more than 120 manufacturing facilities in 30 countries.
Honda pioneered its operations in China in 1981 through a “technological partnership” with China Jialing Industrial. In 1993, the two companies established their joint venture, Jialing-Honda Motor Co., Ltd., and began production of motorcycle engines in 1994. The production of complete motorcycles began in 1996, and the production and sales of power products began in 2002.
China’s motorcycle manufacturers exported 543,169 units in January 2005, down 25.1% from 725,101 units exported in January 2004, according to Chinese customs authorities. However, the exports were valued at $123.6 million in January 2005, up 8.9% from $113.3 million in January 2004.
Year-end 2004 exports totaled 10.1 million units. Total value climbed to $1.98 billion for the year. psb

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