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Skat-Trak PWC Products
Specializing in impellers, Skat-Trak also offers Magnum pumps, replacement bearing kits, tail cones and intake grates for Sea Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Polaris and Honda watercraft.
Skat-Trak Performance Products USA,

dline2 Race Suit
The rider and race tested 2004 Redline2 Race Suit is made of 2/3 Jet Pilot Flex-Lite ultrastretch neoprene throughout 75% of the suit, and features zip-free and flat seam construction; an adjustable collar; custom molded impact and abrasion resistant knee and shin areas; and flush resistant arm & leg cuffs. With an articulated, pre-bent, form-fitting design, the Redline2 is available in red, blue or green; sizes S,M,L,XL,XXL.
Jet Pilot, 760/734-1111

Aggresser Sponsons
A quarter-inch thick, Aggressor adjustable sponsons are made of Carbon G-10 (not plastic) and UV protected. Improve handling by reducing porpoising. Available for Yamaha, Sea Doo, Honda and Kawasaki. Available in black, too.
Aggresser, 909/899-7070

ShoreLand’r Trailers
In single or twin models, Shoreland’r PWC trailers feature heavy-duty tubular steel frames, a patented up-swept adjustable winchpost, custom-molded fenders with step pads, and a baked-on powder coat or hot-dipped galvanized finish.
Midwest Industries, Inc., 800/859-3028

Waveline/Markel Insurance
An “A” rated nationwide insurer of personal watercraft, motorcycles and ATVs, Markel offers special programs for dealers and industry distributors.
WavelinE/Markel American
Insurance Company, 800/236-9283

Specialty PWC Tank
Specialty Motors offers a PWC tank that is unique in that only the boat’s water pump, intake and a small portion of the hull is submerged in the water, which keeps the majority of the hull clean during testing. The bunk design securely holds the PWC from jumping and bucking while running, allowing for easy engine adjustment.
Specialty Motors Mfg. LLC, 800/426-8644

Dr. Shrink Shrink-Wrap
Dr. Shrink is the one-stop shop for premium shrink-wrap and the supplies used to install it. Ask about the 3M products and Dr. Shrink’s recycling program.
Dr. Shrink, Inc., 800/968-5147

PMC New and Rebuilt Engines
Adding to its offering of rebuilt PWC engines, PMC has developed a line of brand-new PWC engines that it says are compatible with those produced by OEMs, but at half the price. New engines come with an 18-month no-fault warranty; remanufactured engines come with a 12-month no-fault warranty.
PMC North America, 800/654-4888

PWC Dollys
PWC Dollys from Roleez feature durable, Polyurethane tires with brass Schrader valves, strong Polypropylene hubs with replaceable bearing cassettes; frames made of heavy-duty marine-grade anodized 6061-T6 aluminum and stainless steel hardware. Three models are offered for 2004: Boat Dolly 12 for stand-ups, PWC D-24 for runabouts, and PWC D-36 for SUVs. Winch kit with Bow stop now included. Optional ATV Hitch Kit works in conjunction with Winch Kit for towing behind ATV.
Roleez Wheels, Inc., 800/369-1390

PWC Tech Training
Personal watercraft technician training for those aspiring to a career in the watercraft industry. Nearly 200 hands-on hours. Job placement assistance nationwide upon graduation. All major brands covered.
American Watercaft Institute, 800/881-2264

Solas Powered
Solas says all of its impellers are made of an ultra high strength, corrosion resistant stainless steel, and are cast in a one-piece mold without bending the edges of the blades to achieve the perfect pitch.
Solas Science & Engineering Co., Ltd.,

R&D Power Up
R&D offers power up products for Kawasaki SXR 800, Sea Doo 4TEC, and Yamaha GP 1300R and FX 140, including aquavein, ride plates, performance heads, timing advancers, pump wedge, adjustable sponsons, digital fuel controllers and filters.
R&D Racing Products USA, Inc., 562/906-1190


USA Shortblock
USA Shortblock offers remanufactured PWC engines and jet pumps, as well as impeller shafts, bearing and seal kits. Motors are backed by a one-year warranty. Serves Kawasaki, Sea Doo, Polaris, Yamaha and Tiger Shark.
USA Shortblock, 800/222-3375

NuJet Destroyer Impeller
NuJet says its impeller design philosophy is to control the “flow field”, and optimize the “chord length”, “pitch” and “camber distribution” using its 3D blade design.
NuJet, 651/731-1122

Looking for wetsuits, vests, gloves, shoes, guards, accessories or PWC-related casual wear? Slippery has all of the above. Check out the two-piece Reform suit, available in black, blue, yellow or red; sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL.
Slippery, 619/448-8481

PWC Insurance
U.S. Insurance Services offers property and casualty insurance for personal watercraft.
U.S. Insurance Services, Inc., 800/874-1738

Blowsion Stand-Up Sponsons
Blowsion’s new Tubbie side sponsons increase the surface area of the hull where it enters the water, noticeably improving a boat’s handling ability. Pefect for the Kawi SXi Pro, Yamaha SuperJet and Polaris Octane.
Blowsion, 503/625-3616

Riva Supercharger
Our FX Supercharger Engine Kit provides the ultimate performance increase for your FX High Output. Our development team designed and built this system to deliver loads of reliable power for both recreational and racing applications. No internal engine modifications are required. Requires the use of 92+ octane pump fuel.
Riva Motorsports, 954/785-4820

Pro-Tec PWC
Pro-Tec is a distributor of a number of well-known PWC product brand names, including Skat-Trak, UMI, Novi, MSD, AP Designs, Solas, Boyesen and Mikuni. Also offers both Hook-Up and Wake-Up kits for the SuperJet, GP 1200R and XLT1200.
Pro-Tec, 909/698-8988

TDR Product
TDR supplies a complete line of engine parts, builds and sells lightweight and durable silencer water boxes for all 2001 and older models, and offers single stage reeds in addition to rebuilt crankshafts and engines.
Tony Doukas Racing, 800/321-6354

Hardline Graphics
Factory-matched number kits, special effects graphics, carbon fiber look, everything needed to outfit a hull. Ask about Sticker-On, Sticker-Off, too, it aids decal application and removal.
Hardline Products, 805/581-4700

Odyssey Drycell Power
With a two-year warranty, Odyssey drycell batteries offer deep discharge reserve power, two-year storage life and eight-year design life.
Odyssey, 877/633-7739

PWC Transport
Aquacart offers display and storage stands as well as transport carts. Available for all PWC, the stands feature five-inch casters and ocme in a variety of colors while the transport carts feature aluminum and stainless steel construction, poly rims with durable tires, and an available coupler kit.
AquaCart, 800/291-5462

Dry Pak
Dry Paks feature a cam lock clip that hermetically seals out water, sand and dust. Constructed of tough thermo-plastic polyurethane, approximately 10 times stronger than vinyl and functional in extreme heat and cold. Speak and listen directly through the pouch. Drop it in the water, it floats. Available in sizes 5” wide x 6” long, 5”x 8” and 4”x 6”.
Kwik Tek, 800/624-1297

Wisconsin-based LeMans Corporation, owner of Parts Unlimited, recently added the Trimax brand of locks to its product line-up. Trimax , based in Englewood, Colo., produces more than 100 products, and is expanding into the powersports industry with trailer locks and specific powersports, marine and sporting goods-related product. Those interested can find Trimax branded product in the Drag Specialties Fat Book or by calling Trimax.
TRIMAX, 303/796-8500 psb

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