Optimism Fuels PWC Outlook 2004

Like a star rookie that posted big numbers during an extended freshman season, only to endure a long and punishing sophomore slump, the PWC industry appears finally — and legitimately — on the verge of that long-awaited comeback. Sales, which slowed their dramatic slide in recent years, have started to rebound, both dealer and manufacturer outlook is more positive than it has been in years, and the many challenges the industry has faced are finally starting to display a turn in momentum.
Too positive an outlook? Not at all, according to a number of industry representatives Powersports Business recently talked with. The news for 2004 looks genuinely good, they say, and all concerned — from the OEMs to dealers to potential buyers — have reason to be finally looking on the bright side.
Take a quick peek at the trends: multi-passenger boats are gaining adherents in the form of families; manufacturers are returning to price-point conscious buyers with a number of offerings; four-stroke performance technology is coming to the forefront; and national parks and other venues are redefining policies regarding PWC use, again opening the pastime to outdoor enthusiasts seeking time on the water.
Though challenges certainly remain, current indicators are that the industry is in great position to capitalize on the potential for renewed growth. PSB

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