Arctic builds modified sleds

Something different will came off the Arctic Cat assembly line this fall: modified 2004 Sno Pro snowmobiles.
“This is the first time in 20 years we’ve built mod sleds on our production line,” said Team Arctic Race Manager Brian Sturgeon. “In the past we’ve built rolling chassis for racers, but they were on their own to modify them and find a power source.”
The machines carry a host of products from snowmobile aftermarket companies, including a 795cc mod engine and pipes from Speedwerx of Forest Lake, Minn.; V-Force Delta 3 reed cages from Moto Tassinari, based in West Lebanon, N.H.; and Zero X shocks from Fox Racing Shox, San Jose, Calif.
The machines, available to Arctic Cat snowmobile racers, cost $8,600. Arctic Cat would not release a build number. The machines have either been shipped directly to buyers, or delivered via dealerships.
“Our factory mod sled is truly turnkey,” Sturgeon said. “It meets all race rules for safety equipment and minimum weight. We want our guys to go out and be dominant from the first green flag.”
The machine will use a 795cc mod motor from Speedwerx. “We’ve had some of our factory racers using Speedwerx engines over the past couple seasons,” said Sturgeon.
“We’ve made some chassis mods in order to draw more air for the big motor,” explained Troy Halvorson, race sled manager. “This allowed us to have a much lighter hood and air intake system.”
The chassis changes allowed engineers to remove the top “snorkel” present on the standard 440 Sno Pro, further reducing weight. Other changes include using titanium springs; the Attack 20 track; new drivers; new rails; and a plastic fuel pump.
“Our whole purpose for this project is to give our racers a fully-functional, race-legal and highly-competitive mod sled right out of the crate,” said Sturgeon. “We know that testing time is short and that 98% of all racers have jobs and can’t spend a week in Alaska to develop their sled.”

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