Distributors gear up big marketing effort

Even though the major wholesale distributors have their own dealer shows throughout the year, they all point to the Dealer Expo as a place to shine.
It’s an opportunity to show off the best of their new lines, their new products and their new promotions.
Custom Chrome and Motorcycle Stuff, for example, will introduce a new exclusive U.S. distribution and marketing agreement with a leading European manufacturer, roll out a new logo and catalog for Motorcycle Stuff, and introduce a line of proprietary battery products.
Tucker Rocky also will be stepping up its making of house brands. “This is a very highly competitive, highly energized market and we just really lit the fire under some of the things we’re doing,” says Bill Carter, vice president of strategic development.
Read about the 2004 plans for several key distributors beginning on Page 20, and make sure you visit the distributor exhibits.
The Dealer Expo isn’t only about distributors, of course, it’s about aftermarket companies and their new products, too. Our report on new companies and new products begins with several Expo Spotlight articles starting on Page 32.
Fifty of what might be the neatest new products are covered in the second half of our Nifty Fifty report, starting on Page 16.
And, finally, take a moment to stop and visit the editors of Powersports Business and other Ehlert publications. We’re in Booth #242.

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