Cobra unveils 2004 CM50

Cobra Motorcycles, the Youngstown, Ohio, manufacturer of off-road mini cycles that have consistently won the AMA Amateur National Championships, has introduced its 2004 Cobra CM50.
“The CM50 may be a small bike, but when you sit back and look at the amazing record that it has built there is little doubt that it’s the most dominant competition mini cycle ever,” said Sean Hilbert, president of Cobra Motorcycles. “For 2004 we’ve re-designed the bike from the ground up, a feat that goes to show just how serious we are about winning”
Improvements to the 2004 Cobra CM50 include a stronger frame with improved gusseting; a fork with 1.5″ of travel; an Öhlins rear shock, complete with piggy-back reservoir; a new airbox, new air filter and new intake boot; a new exhaust system and exhaust pipe; an updated transmission gears and bearings; a more sculpted seat profile and re-designed handlebars.
“(This) is a bike that we strongly feel will again be untouchable in the 4-6 class this year,”said Bud Maimone, Cobra founder.
Maimone says Cobra Motorcycle Manufacturing was founded in the early 1990’s to bring 50cc motocross bikes into a market that was asking for a race-ready product. Hilbert, working with a group of investors, purchased Cobra from Maimone last November.
For more information, visit www.cobramotorcycle.com. psb

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