Feb. 9, 2004 – Electric-powered 50cc youth ATV introduced

The Thunderbolt, an all electric youth ATV that has off road capabilities has been introduced by Kearns Power Sport’s, West Bend, Wisc. “This product fills a niche in the youth ATV market,” says Steve Kearns, owner of Kearns Power Sports. “These ATV’s are an easy way to get kids excited about riding. Every parent is going to want one for their kids.” Kearns says the electric ATV addresses concerns by parents who have been afraid to put their children on a gas-powered machine.

Thunderbolt is powered by two 12-volt gel cell batteries and is capable of running up to 160 minutes on a single charge. The bike has all steel construction, disc brake, front dual shocks and rear swing arm mono shock to keep young riders safe and comfortable. Safety is built into the Thunderbolt with an indicator flag, single pulsing strobe with LEDs, fully enclosed floor boards and keyed on/off switch.

The low center of gravity and wide wheel base make the Kearns 2-stroke Matrix and 4-stroke Stealth sturdier and safer, claims Kearns. These bikes are aimed at teaching kids the proper techniques for ATV riding so they can buy that bigger bike with confidence. Safety is engineered into these ATVs with a speed limiter allowing the adult to match the power to the child’s skill level, tethered walk behind cut off switch and remote cut off with a 250-foot range. The 50cc air-cooled engine maximizes performance and fun.

“These youth ATVs deliver the same features as the major brands for a much lower cost,” says Kearns.”We’ve had an unbelievable response in our market research, finding 9 out of 10 parents and grandparents wanting to buy one for their youngster,” says Kearns.

Profit margins range from 33% to 48% based on model and volume discounting, according to the company. Suggested retail prices (MSRP) are $699 for Thunderbolt, $999 for Matrix and $1,099 for Stealth.
Kearns youth ATVs are available in electric, 50cc gas 2-stroke and 4-stroke and each model comes in five colors. Dealer and Manufacturer’s Representative applications are being accepted and the products are available for immediate shipment.

For additional information, contact Steve Kearns, Kearns Power Sports, 3010 W. Washington Street, West Bend, Wisc. 53095. 1-877- KID-ATVS, FAX: 262/335-ATVS, e-mmail sales@kearnspowersports.com, or visit www.kearnspowersports.com.

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  1. Wanting find a replacement motor or parts for a Kearns 50CC kids quad ATV.
    Any idea where I can find this information?
    Any idea how to determine correct model or identifying markets so I can match parts and or engine?

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