Polaris, Cat meet 2012 requirements

The 2004 Arctic Cat T660 Turbo and Trail models and the 2004 Polaris Frontier four-stroke received certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for meeting the emission standards required by the year 2012. The EPA adopted new emissions standards in 2002 for snowmobiles and other recreational vehicles to reduce air pollution from hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide. Manufacturers are required to begin meeting these regulations in 2006, with the EPA emissions requirements becoming increasingly more stringent by 2012.
Four-strokes approved
Five of Arctic Cat’s four-stroke machines and the Polaris Frontier four-strokes received certification for use in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. The models meeting the standards are the 2004 T660 Touring, the 2003 4-Stroke Trail and Touring and the 2002 4-Stroke Trail and Touring. The standards set by the National Park Service include machines that offer a 90% reduction in hydrocarbon emissions and a 70% reductions in carbon monoxide emissions, using the EPA’s baseline standards.
The maximum allowable carbon monoxide emission allowed in the parks is 120 grams per kilowatt hour; Cat said its 2004 4-stroke engine emits 92.28. Maximum allowable hydrocarbon emissions are 15 grams per kilowatt hour; Cat said its 2004 4-stroke engine emits 5.62. Sound levels set are 73 decibels; Cat said their noise ranges from 70 decibels to 71.9, depending on the model year and where the reading is measured.
Race Circuits Merge
The World Snowmobile Association, White Bear Lake, Minn., and the American and Canadian Snowcross Racing Association (ASRA/CSRA) of Keswick, Ont., have been negotiating a deal to merge the two circuits together.
For this season, the WSA and ASRA/CSRA signed non-compete contracts that won’t allow either circuit to counter schedule race dates. With the affiliation, WSA and ASRA will host the Michigan District series, which CSRA owner Ken Avann said will be dubbed WSA/ASRA for this season.
The affiliation also affects the Indoor Super Snow Cross series. While Avann and promoter Grant Reeves still own the circuit and will assist with setup, WSA will run the racing at all four indoor races. Avann said this season all the large factory-backed race teams have confirmed they will attend every event.
“With the industry the way it is with sponsorship and manufacturer dollars tighter it’s time to put egos aside a little and try to work together and make a better program,” Avann said. “I’m pretty excited and confident about it. I think it’s a better deal all the way around instead of having everybody split in different directions.”

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