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Nel PascaleIt’s probably the best line I’ve heard that accurately describes the current marketplace and what our reaction to it should be. “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

That’s courtesy of Spader Business Management’s Pat Kennedy, who presented a seminar on profitability to dealers at the recent KTM national dealer meeting.

Kennedy believes the current economic trends and consumer buying habits signal a continued rocky retail sales environment, meaning we as an industry should concentrate more on being flexible vs. wasting our time on what-ifs and remember-whens.

It makes perfect sense to me as we continue to see a bumpy national sales picture in powersports. We saw really encouraging signs in March and April through our same store sales information that is provided by ADP Lightspeed. But a really concerning downturn appeared in May in the sales report that shows data from more than 450 metric and V-twin dealerships.

So Kennedy is spot on: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

At least for the time being.

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