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A behind-the-scenes look at Triumph’s dealer meeting

ORLANDO, Fla. — Usually it’s the new bike model that gets unveiled at the dealer meeting. You know, where the black covering gets slipped off in dramatic fashion.

But Triumph did much more than that in the past couple of days for its North American dealer network, not only showing off new 2010 models in Orlando but also its plans for the future. To me, the latter is hugely important as we still try to recover from a nasty 2009 and the lingering effects of that dramatic downturn.

And to its credit, Triumph not only showcased the future as part of its opening night festivities — showing off a model that will hit a new market segment among other items — but then later held a for-your-eyes-only seminar on the company’s future plans for its dealers.

Some of those plans call for boosting its North American model range to 23 from 16 in less than three years time. In an industry exclusive report, we’ll reveal more of Triumph’s short-term plans shortly in Powersports Business, including the three new models and five special editions the company will bring to the North American market in 2010.

But in a time of economic uncertainty, it was quite a bold and unexpected move for Triumph to go beyond the new model uncovering and actually provide a clear view of its future direction to its dealer network.

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