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Tips for succeeding in tumultuous times

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We are in unprecedented times. Men and women in the powersport industry are being forced to dig deep to find innovative ways to turn a profit. And while it is easy to shy away from the challenges of this era, many dealers are looking at it as an opportunity to get creative and find ways to maintain business, whether that means cold calling or using social media to connect with potential customers.

We know how important it is to maintain your margins day in and day out, and many cannot afford to close up shop while we wait for things to return to business as usual. Thus, we invite you to use this time to choose fight over flight and we have some tips to help you survive these trying times.

Tip #1: Regional Sales Manager Jason Duncan explains that many successful dealers are offering concierge delivery services in the area they operate. Whether it’s pick up and drop off for routine service or repairs or express delivery of units that have recently been purchased, these dealers are continuing to make it easy and accessible for customers to service and purchase new vehicles in the current stay-at-home climate.

This is a classic case of rising to the challenge. While we are being instructed to socially distance, there are ways to get around human-to-human contact while also offering a convenience to your customers. As Jason explained, a concierge service is an incredible way to connect with your customers without coming in contact with them.

Tip #2: Regional Sales Manager Shane Ballard spends a majority of his time up-close and personal with our dealers and has noted that many are having to look outside of the box to sell units. They are looking at social media as a big piece of their sales and are scheduling customers by appointment only to ensure social distancing guidelines are being met. This has actually increased sales for many dealerships, thanks to online or by appointment unit sales, parts sales and backend product sales. 

As we have nodded to in the past, social media is a powerful tool dealers can leverage to increase exposure, sales and their overall reach. Dealers can use these platforms to virtually show off products and vehicles, stay in touch with customers in real time and gain a following that can translate to sales.

Tip #3: Regional Sales Manager Smitty Rensel notes how important it is to secure a list of your customers who have purchased a vehicle in the last 30 days and, specifically, those who did not purchase a protection product like a service contract, tire & wheel protection, theft protection and other specialty coverage options. Pick up the phone and call your customers! It is time to re-pitch them the benefits of protecting their vehicle and help yourself by helping them get the coverage they need.

Backend sales of service contracts and specialty protection options can be incredibly lucrative and are a great way to ensure your customer’s new or used vehicle remains in good condition.

The powersports industry is surprisingly relevant during this era since people are using their powersports vehicles as means to escape in nature or down an open road. Motorcycles, ATVs/UTVs and personal watercraft have become a reliable way to get out of the house while still social distancing. Thus, this is an opportunity to capitalize on selling a product that is clearly in demand. We hope this was helpful to you and your dealership. We are rooting for you!

We aim to always be a resource to our dealers as your success is our success. Please feel free to share this article with anyone that may find it useful. If you have any questions or want to submit your own tips to share, please email us at

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