Why offer more?

Tim CalhounYour career (territory, dealership, business, product line) is successful; why work harder, build better, offer more?

I could break into a long winded explanation of why, justified by graphs that are in turn supported by intensive research documentation and a drier than a saltine cracker blog but …

It is easier to just speak from the heart.

Offer more because your specific role in this industry affects change: standing behind the counter, repairing that bike, selling to that dealer, making better (safer, more innovative) products, satisfying that new consumer.

Offer more so that all of us may finish our careers doing something we love (and hopefully hand that down to a new generation of inspired, intelligent and passionate believers).

Offer more because we compete with everything: sports, bicycles, fishing, cars, video games, people that do not like us, long hours and thinning paychecks, and because if we don’t, someone will.

Offer more because they are trying to close our riding areas, raise our rates, legislate our industry out of existence, and because they hope you wont.

Offer more with the intent that our Industry (the US Market) will become ever more relevant to the global motorcycling community.

Offer more in the hope that we leave this business a little better off than when we arrived.

Offer more because you might find your passion again.

Offer more because we need you to.

Offer more because you can.

Whose life, job, situation, opinion and experience can you impact?

Tim Calhoun is the executive vice president of LeoVince USA, a dealer-direct manufacturer of exhaust systems. Its Italian parent company is the world’s largest powersports exhaust manufacturer.
Contact: timcalhoun@leovinceusa.com
Website: www.leovince.com   

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