Retail Sales Report March 10, 2003

ATV sales in January continued to slow with sales declining for the fourth consecutive month, year over year, according to figures compiled by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC). Unit sales in January 2003 were 38,340 units, down from 41,891 units in January 2002. That’s a decrease of 8.5%.

Since August, 2002, ATV sales have declined, year over year, in four of the six months.

On the motorcycle side, sales were off 2.7% in January 2003, compared to the same month in 2002. However, Ducati sales were not included in the January 2003 figures; they’ll be included in the February 2003 figures.

Off-highway sales climbed 2.0% in January, up 308 units to 15,931.

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