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Jun. 15, 2009 – Arctic Cat Hall of Famer steps down

For more than 40 years, Ole Tweet devoted his career to Arctic Cat and took on major roles that played pivotal parts in the company’s success.
Tweet recently retired from the manufacturer, which announced company President and COO Claude Jordan will take over in Tweet’s role as interim general manager of the ATV division.
While Tweet is stepping down from his role as general manager of the ATV division, he isn’t stepping away from Arctic Cat. He will continue to have an active role representing Arctic Cat in industry associations and corporate governance.
“I’ve enjoyed a great career, working alongside remarkable people, to help grow an incredible Minnesota-based company,” Tweet said in a press release. “I’m ready to throttle back my workload and responsibility to focus more on my family. But I’m not walking away from Arctic Cat, and the company will progress forward with strong leadership and innovative talent.”
Tweet’s career dates back to 1977. He saw the company through its resurrection in 1983 following the bankruptcy and liquidation of Arctic Enterprises in 1981, according to “Legend: Arctic Cat’s first four decades,” by C.J. Ramstad.
By April of 1983, Tweet was one of the five men who posed in front of the Arctic Cat condo with the 1984 prototypes. The book says the men were known around town as the “condo crew” because they were operating out of a condominium loaned by Lowell Swenson.
As the reborn company worked to re-establish itself in the snowmobile industry, Tweet spearheaded important and breakthrough marketing efforts that contributed to the company’s monumental growth, including a build-to-order program that matched production with demand; close-to-the-customer communications via dealer newsletters and Cat’s Pride Club/magazine; and memorable advertising campaigns that tapped into the brand’s passionate customer base and the company’s pioneering technology.
“It’s impossible to adequately summarize Ole’s vast influence on Arctic Cat as a company, or to convey his many contributions as a person,” said Chris Twomey, Chairman and CEO?of Arctic Cat.
“Ole has the brain of an engineer with the heart and instinct of a marketing professional,” said Twomey. “That unique perspective and an unstoppable work ethic are the ingredients of his greatness.”
Tweet also represented the company’s involvement in various industry associations and goverment efforts, working on efforts to support responsible riding as well as battling efforts to reduce riders’ rights and access to public lands. In recognition of these and other contributions, Tweet was inducted into the Snowmobile Hall of Fame in 2004.
“We’re a company blessed with many dedicated, passionate people,” Twomey said in the release, “and Ole would be the first to deflect any personal praise and say that he was just one of many. But I’m here to tell you that Ole has truly been one of the most influential and important. I’m not shocked that he wants to reduce his professional responsibilities, but I’d be lying if I said this change will be easy for him or his many friends at Arctic Cat, including me.”

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