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Mar. 9, 2009 – V-Twin Expo

Sucker Punch Sally’s growing dealer network

Sucker Punch Sally’s, a custom manufacturer known for its lineup of under $20,000 bikes, is seeking to build its dealer network.
Owner Christian Clayton told Powersports Business the company currently has 20 dealers and is hoping to add 10 more by the end of the year.
“We want it to be a little elusive, so there’s not one on every corner,” Clayton said of the company’s small dealer network.
Sucker Punch Sally’s, which started in 2001 and was purchased by Clayton four years ago, requires dealers provide a large presence for the brand. “Two bikes sitting on a showroom to us is not a dealership,” he said. “You need to have a full representation of our line of bikes.
“We want people to feel like if they came to the factory or came to the dealer, they’re going to get the same experience. That’s been really important for us.”
Clayton says the company requires dealers carry a minimum of eight of the brand’s bikes at one time. “Our dealers sell a bike, they just replace it. That’s all,” he said. “We don’t shove bikes down our dealers’ throats. We’re not trying to drown them. If they sell 10 bikes in a year, they’ll get 10 bikes to replace them.”
The company debuted three models at the V-Twin Expo, including The Workingman that will retail for under $18,000. The company also showed off a Sucker Punch Sally’s Sportster frame that was built out in the company’s old school-racer style.
Besides the new additions, Clayton says the company has worked aggressively to market the brand, both through other retail products — including an energy drink — and through dealers. The latter includes sending Sucker Punch Sally’s semi and collection of bikes to dealerships once a year at no cost, something Clayton says is unique in the market.

Big Dog begins sales in Canada, on its Web site

Big Dog Motorcycles is broadening its reach in North America as well as online.
The Wichita, Kan.-based manufacturer says it has now earned Canadian compliance for three of its 2009 models, the K-9, Mastiff and Pitbull. The company says those three models were expected to ship to Canadian dealers this spring.
“We intend to expand our sales potential there for years to come,” Doug Stuhlsatz, Big Dog’s vice president of sales, marketing and administration, said in a press release about the Canadian market.
Distribution will be done through CCC Imports of Barrie, Ontario.
“The business philosophies of Big Dog Motorcycles and CCC Imports match perfectly, making our alliance a natural fit,” Stuhlsatz said. “We share the same dedication to dealers and customers. And as we continue to seek out select, independent dealers throughout Canada, broadening our distribution channel and building the Big Dog Motorcycles brand, CCC’s experience and knowledge of the Canadian motorcycle market will be an unparalleled resource.”
Big Dog also announced the launch of a new online store on its Web site, which attracts more than 40,000 unique visitors every month.

Sport bike manufacturer to try to work with H-d dealers

A high-end sport bike manufacturer says it plans on approaching Harley-Davidson dealers in the future to sell its product.
Roehr Motorcycles, a small volume manufacturer, showed off its 1250cc sport bike at the V-Twin Expo. The bike is powered by a 180hp Harley Revolution engine and features a number of aftermarket accessories, including Ohlins road and track forks, Brembo 320mm floating brake rotors and Akrapovic carbon fiber performance mufflers.
The sport bike will retail for $59,999, says Walter Roehrich, president of Roehr Motorcycles.
Roehrich says he plans on approaching Harley-Davidson dealers to sell the Roehr since those dealers’ service departments already know the Evolution engine and the bike will serve as a potential step up for Buell riders. PSB

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