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Dec. 25, 2006 – Appealing to a larger crowd of women

When Holly Hagerman joined Kawasaki as an apparel products specialist in March, she knew there were some opportunities to expand the OEM’s casual wear lines, especially for women.
So Hagerman made bolstering the OEM’s women’s line one of her first priorities. The result: a much more extensive line of women’s wear from Kawasaki for 2007 that is more representative of the company and, the OEM is hoping, will appeal to a wider variety of women.
While Kawasaki has long offered some women’s casual apparel, Hagerman saw a chance to capitalize on the brand’s interest from a broader range of women.
“Not everyone wants a half shirt,” she said. “When men design, sometimes they don’t realize fit.”
To that end, Kawasaki made a concentrated effort to make clothes that would appeal to women of all types, fitting its shirts and sweatshirts on real women. After all, enthusiasts come in a variety of sizes.
Hagerman also brought the Kawasaki logo and Kawasaki green to the fore of the women’s line. Earlier more of an afterthought, this time around brand identity is clear and prominent.
“We wanted to get the logo and the color green out there and doing it in treatments that would appeal to women,” Hagerman said.
The line ranges from sleeveless T-shirts to jackets and includes a couple of hats tailored to appeal to women. Following current trend, shirts are longer.
The line features lots of appliqués and tonal embroideries and includes items special to Kawasaki lines, such as branded zipper pulls. Most items are easy to care for at home.
“Some of my favorites are the contrast stitch zip-front hooded sweatshirt and the embroidered hooded sweatshirt,” Hagerman said. “They’re fashionable and you can tell they’re Kawasaki products.”
Kawasaki’s 2007 line of apparel and accessories is available now at Kawasaki dealerships and online. Prices range from $19.95 for tank tops to $69.95 for jackets.

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