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FAMI: 85 percent of global cycle sales are in Asia – November 13, 2006

Eighty-five percent of the 34 million two-wheelers retailed worldwide in 2004 were sold in Asia, says Dr. W. Wisoot, chairman of the Research and Planning Committee of the Federation of Asian Motorcycle Industries (FAMI), an organization representing the motorcycle industry organizations of Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.
Wisoot, speaking in front of 61 FAMI members who recently convened in Sapporo City, Japan, to discuss the global motorcycle industry and confirm the organization’s plans for the coming year, said FAMI-affiliated countries accounted for 10.3 million units or more than 25 percent of the world motorcycle market in 2004.
He said his findings show 5.09 million units retailed in Indonesia, 2.11 million units in Thailand, 1.5 million units in Taiwan, 707,000 units in Japan, 493,000 units in the Philippines, 433,000 units in Malaysia, and 12,000 units retailed in Singapore.
Sales in 2006, Wisoot said, “are predicted to fuel a further overall increase in both volume and share when the final totals are in.”
FAMI members at the meeting also received updates regarding three FAMI task forces.
Representing the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Task Force, Andi Hartanto of the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association reported the IPR Enlightenment Symposium, first held in Malaysia in May, will continue to be held on a rotating basis among FAMI member economies, with the next scheduled for this month in Manila.
Stone Shih of Taiwan’s Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association said the Information Task Force plans to create a statistical database and make improvements to the FAMI Web site to facilitate smoother market analysis and research.
Finally, the Road Safety Task Force reported the 7th FAMI Road Safety Seminar will be held in Indonesia later this month. Representing the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association of the Philippines, Joseph Sison said a unified road safety poster campaign also will continue in each FAMI nation.
The next FAMI annual general meeting is scheduled to take place in Indonesia in March.

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