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Oct. 16, 2006 – Tucker makes changes to Firstgear lineup

Tucker Rocky released its first Firstgear catalog since the Fort Worth, Texas, distributor purchased the brand in 2005.
In doing so, Tucker Rocky officials made moves to strengthen Firstgear’s high-tech image plus bring more style and fashion to
its women’s lineup, said Harry Slack, Tucker Rocky’s vice president of product development.
Firstgear was originally designed and produced by Intersport Fashions West before the company was sold to Eurobike and later to Fairchild in 2003. Tucker Rocky then purchased the brand in August of 2005.
The riding gear is known as a high-tech line for the high-mileage rider, Slack said. Tucker Rocky wasn’t about to change that. In fact, the company made investments to further that image, said Stephan Ulbrich, Tucker Rocky’s director of marketing.
Part of that investment can be seen in Firstgear’s flagship jacket, the Kilimanjaro. The ’07 version offers new features, including a removable Poly-fleece liner and CE-approved armor, a higher quality armor than the line previously had, Slack said.
“We went back and upgraded it, but kept the price at $300,” Slack said of the Kilimanjaro.
The new catalog also features seven new styles, including the new Denali jacket. The $300 jacket features a nylon outer shell, but also has water-resistant, leather-patched shoulders and elbows that have CE-approved armor.
Possibly the biggest change that consumers will notice is what Tucker Rocky has done to Firstgear’s women’s jackets.
In February, Tucker Rocky introduced the Contour women’s mesh jacket, which appearance-wise resembles a ski jacket. “It didn’t look too tricked out as far as a motorcycle jacket, but it was a very clean and colorful jacket,” Slack of the Contour. The jacket was so popular this spring and summer, Slack said, that Tucker Rocky couldn’t keep it in stock.
The new catalog features more women’s jackets, including two new leather offerings, the Vixen ($299) and Betty ($299).
“We haven’t had that fashion look in Firstgear prior to us taking it over,” Slack said.
Tucker Rocky plans an aggressive marketing campaign for Firstgear, including having full-page ads in motorcycle consumer magazines like Cycle World and Motorcyclist as well as in trade magazines. Plus, Ulbrich said the brand will have a strong presence at February’s Dealer Expo.
“We’re investing heavily in the brand in terms of (sales) rep education, dealer support and getting the word out to consumers that Firstgear is back and bigger and better than ever,” Ulbrich said. psb

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