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KTM-powered sport quad part of Polaris’ new lineup – August 14, 2006

Following up on six new four-wheelers in 2006, Polaris’ 23 off-road product offerings for 2007 include a 525 Outlaw sport quad engineered through the strategic partnership between Polaris and KTM, a new 800cc Sportsman, an updated Ranger XP offering a 50mph top speed, new youth models and a new color designed to appeal especially to the female rider.
Polaris says the Outlaw 525 (MSRP $7,299), available in the spring of 2007, serves as the first of many joint projects with Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, KTM Power Sports AG.
Designed for trail riding, the unit mates the KTM 525 engine used in motocross and enduro racing to an independent rear suspension (PRO IRS). Weighing in at 395 pounds, it’s called “the fastest accelerating production ATV on the market” by Polaris.
The Outlaw 525 joins the returning Outlaw 500 ($6,899) and Predator 500 ($5,999).
Combining the engineering design of the returning Sportsman X2 500 ($7,899-$8,599) and the grunt of the 800 EFI, the Sportsman X2 800 ($9,299-$9,999) represents the convergence of two of the fastest growing and most profitable ATV segments — the two-up market and the big-bore market.
The remaining Sportsman line-up includes the Sportsman 800 Twin EFI ($8,399-$9,099), Sportsman 700 Twin EFI ($7,699), Sportsman 500 6x6 ($7,999), Sportsman 500 EFI ($6,999-$7,699) and Sportsman 450 ($6,299) — all available in standard and deluxe packages. Found on all deluxe versions is Polaris’ Active Descent Control (ADC), which provides four-wheel engine braking when the unit is in four-wheel-drive, is operating at speeds below 15mph and there is no throttle applied.
As for Polaris’ Predator 50 ($1,999), Sportsman 90 ($2,499) and new Outlaw 90 ($2,499) youth models, they all receive four-stroke engines for 2007. Furthermore, a bigger chassis on the 90cc models was designed to offer a better rider fit and more comfortable ride.
Other quads returning to Polaris’ line-up for 2007 include the Scrambler 500 4x4 ($6,199), Trail Boss 330 ($3,899), Hawkeye 300 2x4 ($3,899), Hawkeye 300 4x4 ($4,799), and Phoenix 200 ($3,199) and Sawtooth 200 ($3,299), both made by Aeon of Taiwan.
Limited-edition models include a Sportsman 800 in stealth black ($8,799), a sagebrush green Sportsman 500 ($7,399), a red Hawkeye ($4,999), black and silver Predator ($6,499), and a Sportsman X2 500 in sunset red ($8,299).
Plus, designed to appeal to the female rider, the Predator 50 ($1,899), Predator 90 ($2,399) and Phoenix 200 ($3,199) will be offered in pink.
“Polaris continues to lead the way with new and innovative ATV offerings,” said Mike Dougherty, general manager for the ATV division at Polaris. “By constantly re-inventing our product lines, we are able to bring the toughest ATVs to market year after year.”
The Polaris Ranger division has grown at a compound annual rate of 40 percent during the past six years. For 2007, Polaris simplified the line-up and focused on specific consumer needs in four models, the Ranger XP EFI ($10,499), Ranger 4x4 EFI ($9,499), Ranger 2x4 ($7,999) and Ranger 6x6 EFI ($11,199).
The new Ranger XP EFI now is capable of 50mph and comes with multi-functional instrumentation that includes a speedometer, digital fuel gauge, odometer, EFI diagnostic codes, clock and indicators for gear selection and all-wheel drive. The unit will be offered in Delta Green and also in various limited-edition models, including midnight red, new turbo silver and black flame with 14-inch rims and Bounty Hunter tires.
For the hunting enthusiast, two limited-edition Ranger XP EFI models are available: the Ranger XP Mossy Oak edition and the Browning Edition with the new Mossy Oak Break-Up pattern, winch, gun scabbard and Browning “Buckmark” logos.
The Ranger 4x4 EFI features a 1,000-pound cargo capacity, 1,500-pound payload and towing capabilities, on-demand four-wheel-drive and a 41 mph top speed. Along with the standard green color, the unit also will be available in red and blue.
The Ranger 6x6 EFI also receives dashboard instrumentation. The Ranger 4x4 EFI gets new color options.
“We’re extremely pleased as the Ranger line of products continues to outpace the fast-paced utility vehicle category,” said Matt Homan, general manager of the Ranger division at Polaris.
“Our core ATV business remains profitable,” said Polaris Chief Executive Officer Tom Tiller. “In 2006 we focused on reducing dealer inventory. And, as you know, we have a little more work to go there. But we do expect 2007 will be a better year for ATV growth, both because of the reduced inventory and because of some of these important new products we are introducing.”

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