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MBA Holdings adds rental software

MBA Holdings, Inc. (MBAH), Scottsdale, Ariz., announced the formation of Worldwide Rentals, LLC that will promote motorcycle rentals with the company’s new worldwide reservation system software. The software will run rental operations for motorcycle, auto and RVs, the company said. Whenlaunched, the system will first be accessible at www.worldwidemotorcyclerentals.com

The system will combine inventory tracking, accounting and advanced reservation systems. Pictures and specifications of each rental, including tracking add/deletes by the date and hour of the transaction and will provide a fleet availability display. The system will have counter procedure requirements built in that can't be bypassed (such as age, motorcycle endorsement on license, etc.), credit card processing on line, will provide total fleet insured reporting by member for billing purposes, as well as a condition report on the motorcycle, notification of need for service at certain mileage intervals, and maintenance log. This system is owned and designed by the MBA team and will be patented and trademarked.

Additionally, MBA Holdings said it is building a nationwide motorcycle employment website for dealers and potential employees. The company said it expects the site to be activated in April 2005.

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