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Social Media 101: Google+

By Amanda White

Amanda White BlogWhy should your dealership invest time, energy and resources into Google+? First and foremost, it’s operated by Google, the largest search engine in existence. Aside from the weight of the name and affiliation, it is a formidable online presence on its own. It just became the second largest social network, which means it has over 500 million registered users. You cannot turn a blind eye to a social network with this much influence and growth.

The Google+ Difference

Google+ is unique because it is hyper-focused on creating categories and spaces for specific groups, communities, topics, hobbies and personal/professional interests. Whoever you know and whatever you are interested in, Google+ fosters this communication via two features, Google Circles and Google Communities.

  1. A) GOOGLE CIRCLES: You can use Google Circles to categorize your connections into customers, employees, industry leaders, celebrities, OEM representatives, and business partners and so on. Your outreach can be tailor-made to a circle. This allows you to change the communication dynamic between you and a specific group of people.
  2. B) GOOGLE COMMUNITIES: Google Communities work similarly to a forum; choose and discuss topics and interests that other like-minded people are talking about. You can join communities about the powersports industry, small business development and dealership management and more. This allows you to participate, engage and learn more from other professionals in the powersports industry.

Furthermore, Google+ gives total control over your content. You have no character limit. Your posts and responses can be as detailed as you see fit. However, you should still tighten up any message you post online. You may be able to add 15 hashtags to a Google+ post, but will they all be relevant, easy to read and add value to the post?

Google Likes Google+

Google depends on content as the main determinant for any search. So if that content is readily available on a medium they own, then it is much easier for Google Search to read and rank Google+. Secondly, you can easily integrate the videos you post on Google+ with YouTube. Lastly, accumulating plenty of positive Google reviews on your page could improve your rank and give your dealership prime real estate in searches.

The Google+ Audience

Google+ is the social media that fosters new connections and conversations. People are actively searching for new information and connections. This is the social network where the audience is not just looking to maintain ties with close family and friends, but caters to consumers and professionals investigating and learning new information about their interests from like-minded individuals. Your existence on Google+ gives you the presence, credibility and edge over the dealership down the street not participating online.

Google+ is a social network that is backed by the largest search engine in the world and has a platform that caters to the professional and adventurous audience. You can use this medium to help people find, engage and learn why your dealership is different than the others in town.

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  1. The current decision by Google+ not to force membership might change some of the views above. http://www.macnn.com/articles/15/07/28/finally.you.wont.be.forced.to.have.one.129710/


    • Looks like there are serious issues with Google +


      Perhaps that time and effort could be better spend using targeted campaigns like Facebook dark posts and other measurable social campaigns.


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