Polaris’ Largest Snowmobile Line-up

Polaris Industries, Medina, Minn., has introduced the largest group of new products in its snowmobile line in company history. Fifteen new models featuring five all-new engines highlighted the announcement to dealers at the company’s annual meeting recently in Salt Lake City.
“Last year we promised the IQ Chassis would change the industry,” said Tom Tiller, Polaris president and CEO. This year, he said, the company is incorporating Polaris’ leading technological advancements into more than 60% of its model line-up. “Combining five new power and performance-minded engines with the innovative IQ Chassis will make 2006 the most promising year in our history as a snowmobile manufacturer,” said Tiller in a prepared statement.
The IQ Chassis has been improved significantly for 2006, says Polaris, affecting sleds in several categories – Mountain, Performance, Trail Luxury, Touring and Crossover. Polaris’ 2006 line-up also offers the Rider Select steering system. With the push of a button, a rider can move the steering post to any of seven positions across a 6-inch range, allowing the rider to choose the steering position best-suited for the terrain and the desired type of riding experience.
The five new engines introduced to Polaris dealers are led by the Liberty 600 HO aimed at performance-minded riders who demand great acceleration and top-end power. It produces 19% more horsepower at 6,000 RPM and 9% more horsepower at its peak compared to current competitive 600s, reports Polaris. The Liberty 700 is a two-cylinder, four-injector, two-stroke engine that produces outstanding torque. The new 2006 Liberty 900 engine has improved calibration and it automatically adjusts calibration in response to changes in elevation, temperature and other factors. The new Polaris 750 four-stroke engines are the FS and the turbocharged FST. The new Polaris 750 four-stroke engines already meet the EPA’s proposed standards for model year 2012, and the naturally aspirated FS engine has been certified by the EPA as Best Available Technology and can be used in Yellowstone National Park.

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