BRP hosts ‘Outliers Panel’ Q&A session with Joan Jett and SAINt JHN

Known already for a love of rock and roll, Hall of Fame inductee Joan Jett and rap artist SAINt JHN held a Q&A session as part of BRP’s ‘Outliers Panel’ for roughly 20 media outlets present, Powersports Business included. Together the pair is taking part in a new Can-Am On-Road campaign called Outliers to promote and celebrate the diverse makeup of the on-road riding community.

Both Jett and SAINt JHN took turns answering questions regarding their influences, careers and experiences riding the Can-Am Spyder and Rykers.

Jett admitted to being hesitant about her first experience behind the wheel, but “felt stable on it as a first-time rider, and had a blast riding around,” said Jett. “You’re forced in the experience and in the moment, which a lot of us have trouble doing a lot… Staying in the experience. It’s like the feeling of going on stage – a big connection, and energy rush. It’s an incredible elation and feeling of oneness.”

Admittedly more familiar with driving two-wheel machines growing up with an older sibling riding motorcycles, SAINt JHN said driving a Ryker for the first time was, “an immersive experience – imagine putting yourself in a video game and never having to push reset.”

Both artists will continue to work alongside Can-Am to engage current riders and fans across multiple platforms, both in person and virtually throughout 2021, in addition to their plans to return to touring.

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