Triumph unveils Speed Triple 1200 RS

All-new in every dimension, Triumph has announced the Speed Triple 1200 RS – purposely designed from the ground up to deliver an absolute revolution in terms of Speed Triple power, performance, handling and technology. The new Speed Triple 1200 RS will be $18,300 USD.

Specs and highlights from the official press release can be found below:

A revolution in Speed Triple power and performance

–           The most powerful and fastest accelerating Speed Triple ever.
–           All-new higher capacity 1160cc triple engine.
–           177HP peak power: up 29HP.
–           92lbft peak torque: up 6ftlb.
–           650rpm higher revving, 12% lower inertia engine.
–           All-new free-breathing intake and exhaust, with incredible sound.

A revolution in Speed Triple agility, handling and precision

–           The most agile, precise, dynamic handling Speed Triple ever.
–           22lb lighter, at just 437lb wet.
–           All-new mass centralized chassis.
–           Narrower, with a more dominant and purposeful riding position.
–           Track specification equipment including:
–           Performance tuned fully adjustable Öhlins suspension
–           Metzeler RACETEC™ RR tyres
–           Brembo Stylema® brakes.

A revolution in Speed Triple technology

–           The smartest, sharpest and most technologically advanced Speed Triple ever.
–           Optimized Cornering ABS & switchable Optimised Cornering Traction Control (with IMU).
–           All-new 5” TFT instruments.
–           Five riding modes, including enhanced Track mode.
–           New Triumph Shift Assist up-and-down quickshifter.
–           New distinctive full-LED lighting.
–           New full keyless system.
–           My Triumph Connectivity System fitted as standard.

A revolution in Speed Triple attitude and style

–           All-new muscular and arresting poise and presence.
–           Purer, cleaner and sharper lines.
–           Undeniable focused Speed Triple design DNA.
–           Striking new dynamic headlight and tail-light designs, with distinctive new light signatures. 

With an all-new higher capacity 1160cc triple engine, developed with insight from our Moto2™ race engine program, the new Speed Triple 1200 RS delivers 177HP peak power at 10,750 rpm and 92lbft peak torque at 9,000 rpm, giving an incredibly exhilarating ride. It’s also more responsive, it is 650rpm higher revving, and comes with a new free-breathing intake and exhaust for a hair-raising new triple soundtrack. 


All-new engine

The powertrain has been completely re-designed, with every single element engineered for increased performance and reduced mass, making the new engine significantly lighter, by 15lb. It’s more compact compared to the previous Speed Triple powertrain, despite the bigger capacity, giving the new model the perfect balance of aggression, performance and control.

Significantly higher power and torque

The engine delivers significantly higher power and torque compared to the previous generation – making this the most powerful and torque-rich Speed Triple ever – with fantastic performance and character across the entire rev range, and all of the signature “wall of torque” triple delivery, taken to a whole new level.

The engine delivers blistering new performance, with 29HP more power and a peak of 177HP at 10,750 rpm. It revs harder, with the red line now raised by 650 rpm to 11,150rpm, and maintains all of the incredible torque and character in the low and mid-range that the Speed Triple has always been renowned for, with 92 lbft peak torque at 9,000rpm, 6 lbft more than the outgoing model.

Incredible power-to-weight ratio

The outstanding performance of the new three-cylinder engine, combined with the reduced weight of the all-new Speed Triple 1200 RS, delivers the highest power-to-weight ratio in the Speed Triple’s history, over 25% greater than the previous generation, and nearly double the original 1994 Speed Triple.

The best sounding Speed Triple ever produced

Thanks to the all-new free-breathing intake and exhaust system, the new Speed Triple 1200 RS is also the best sounding Speed Triple ever produced, with a visceral intake roar and characteristic triple exhaust howl. Thanks to 12% less powertrain inertia, the engine also picks up quicker, feels sharper, and sounds sharper still.

Optimized new clutch and gearbox

There is a new lighter weight slip and assist clutch which uses state-of-the-art friction compound to reduce the number of clutch plates, minimizing mass and improving clutch feel, while maximizing control during high speed downshifting.

Combined with a completely new, and more compact, stacked 6-speed gearbox, gear changes are significantly smoother than the previous generation, with optimized ratio progression.

Performance is further enhanced by the new ignition system, with twin tip spark plugs for increased durability at high engine speeds as well as by a reduced weight of the cooling system, neatly packaged with an integrated oil circuit heat exchanger.

All-new lightweight chassis

The all-new chassis has been designed from the ground up to deliver the lightest and best handling Speed Triple ever, with even more agile, precise and dynamic handling, in a tighter, more toned, and mass centralized package.

With a wet weight of just 437lb, the new bike is an incredible 22lb lighter than the previous generation. It has a 17% lighter cast aluminum frame with weight distribution that is further forward and lower down.

Dominant and purposeful riding position

The new Speed Triple 1200 RS has 13mm wider handlebars, delivering a more dominant and purposeful riding position, giving better feel and control for a more predictable ride. Improvements in the ergonomics of the bike and the riding position are achieved through the new footrest position, which has been moved inwards slightly from the previous generation model, allowing improved ground clearance without compromising legroom.