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KYMCO launches commercial scooter brand

Building on a successful launch of Ionex for consumers in early 2018, KYMCO unveiled Ionex Commercial, another step forward in KYMCO’s mission to transform modern transportation by making the world greener, cities cleaner, and electric a practical reality.

“This is an inflection point for businesses and governments to make a big impact in modern transportation,” said Allen Ko, who points out that today 150 million scooters are estimated to be roaming the streets worldwide, and 5 million of them are used for commercial purposes. Every day they travel on average 7 times the distance of their consumer counterparts. They are replaced 2 times more frequently than consumer vehicles. They represent 20 percent of total energy consumption.

Furthermore, unlike consumer vehicles, oftentimes the procurement of entire fleets of commercial vehicles is managed by just a few business decision makers.  Hence, a conversion of even a small number of businesses to go electric has the potential to make a big impact on the environment.

Inflection Point for Enterprises to Make a Big Impact

KYMCO identified four exemplary types of enterprises that are ripe for joining the EV movement: petroleum companies, logistics and retail companies, ride sharing startups, and city governments that manage their public transportation systems.  Petroleum companies are widely believed to be at the center of the sweeping transition to electric. While their existing gas fueling infrastructure continues to serve the vehicles of the past, these companies all possess the extensive service networks that can serve the electric vehicles of tomorrow. The transition to electric presents a huge opportunity to extend their revenue generation models.

Logistics and retail companies also gain tremendous advantages from an electric delivery fleet. In-house charging stations eliminate trips to gas stations. Simpler construction of EV translates to lower maintenance costs. Energy consumption analytics enables improved operation. And, factors like no exhaust, no noise, and no vibration from electric vehicles vastly elevate the working conditions of the fleet’s employees.

With the shift of people’s attention to “electric”, vehicle sharing companies offering electric means of transportation are gaining popularity. Electric vehicle sharing is eco-friendly and cost effective. It is not only welcomed by consumers, but also supported by governments. In every part of the world, companies are rushing to capture this accelerating global trend.

Lastly, every city government wants more people to use the public transit system.  The challenge lies in the fact that people’s willingness to use it drops off significantly when they need to walk more than 10 minutes to the station.  Station-based shared EV rental is the only way to significantly expand the service coverage area to solve this long-standing last-mile problem.

Dependable, All-Encompassing, One-Stop Provider

Ionex Commercial removes the barriers for businesses and governments by offering them a total solution to execute the transition to electric. KYMCO’s launch is in many ways the long-awaited answer to the recognition that while the motivations of businesses and governments to go electric are strong, and the potential to change the world is great, unfortunately until today, the transition to electric has been nearly impossible to execute in practice.

Unlike gasoline powered vehicles, electric vehicles need supporting charging facilities that are simply not in place. Yet, building a commercial charging infrastructure requires a diverse range of specialized expertise to seamlessly integrate the vehicles, batteries, charging facilities, software, and backend systems.


“What is desperately needed is a dependable, one-stop provider to assemble an all-encompassing array of capabilities to support the electric transition,” said Allen Ko, describing the value proposition of Ionex Commercial. “And therefore, Ionex Commercial is created to provide a total solution to empower and enable all businesses and governments to go electric.”

Tailor-Made Total EV Solution

Ionex Commercial is a tailor-made EV turnkey solution provided by a trusted global brand. It is a powerful integration of world-class experts from every necessary field. It comprises of a complete arrangement of electric vehicles, charging facilities, removable batteries and advanced IT systems.

Electric vehicles – Ionex Commercial provides a range of customizable electric scooters and electric bikes. Ionex Commercial also offers engineering services to convert existing fleets and facilities to work with the Ionex Commercial platform.  Charging stations – Ionex Commercial offers a range of charging solutions, including standard charging, fast charging, battery swapping, or any combination thereof. The energy stations can be further customized to meet a diversity of business requirements.

Smart batteries – At the heart of the Ionex Commercial business solution is the patented Ionex smart battery that works with different types of vehicles. At only 5kg, the Ionex battery is designed to be user friendly in every application.

Advanced IT systems – Ionex Commercial has the world’s first cloud-based EV infrastructure operating system. It also has the corresponding business applications that work seamlessly with the vehicles, batteries, apps and charging facilities.

Industry-Specific Packaged Solutions

Ionex Commercial is fully customizable to any specific needs of an organization. It is ready for immediate implementation by any business. The following four packaged solutions of Ionex Commercial illustrate its great flexibility and expandability.

Charging Infrastructure Solution is designed for companies or governments that want to build an energy infrastructure to provide charging services to a market. It includes removable batteries, energy stations, an operating system, management software, user apps, and system customization. It provides service models of battery charging, battery rental, battery swapping, or any combination thereof.

Fleet Operation Solution is designed for companies that require an electric fleet to fulfill their business functions. It includes fleet vehicles, removable batteries, energy stations, an operating system, management software, user apps, and system customization. It is especially suitable for logistics companies and retail companies that provide delivery services.

Vehicle Sharing Solution is designed for vehicle sharing companies that want to offer electric vehicles to their customers. It includes shared vehicles, removable batteries, energy stations, an operating system, management software, user apps, and system customization. It dramatically accelerates vehicle sharing companies’ time-to-market for their electric fleet.

Public Transit Solution is designed for city governments that want to offer station-based shared EV rental as an extension to their public transit system. It includes rental vehicles, removable batteries, energy stations, an operating system, management software, user apps, and system customization. It provides everything the government needs to add shared EV rental to their public transit network.

Scooters to Join Automobiles in the Global Transition to Electric

In many parts of the world, two-wheelers play a crucially important role in the day-to-day operation of society. They are economical, efficient, convenient and easy to use. They serve the purpose of urban mobility for both consumers and businesses. They are one of the most predominant forms of transportation.  The potential to change the world is enormous. Electric vehicles for commercial purposes need to play a critical role as well. Ionex Commercial gives all businesses and governments a total solution to go electric.

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