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Strictly a new direction for revamped Colorado dealer

HyMark Motorsports of Pueblo West, Colorado, is undergoing some major overhauls, all in the name of creating an exhilarating customer experience. 

The dealership recently moved into a nearby temporary location, a former Honda powersports dealership (HyMark also bought the Honda franchise point). 

To highlight the extensiveness of the overhaul, the dealership will go by the name Strictly Powersports once it moves into the new space. The future home of the Polaris, Indian, Honda, KTM dealership — which is also the former location at 175 East Spaulding Ave — is currently undergoing a complete renovation of the building, which will cost nearly $4 million. 

At 36,000 square feet, the new space will dwarf the old building, which came in at 7,200 square feet. And it will be one-of-a-kind in more ways than one. The most groundbreaking concept the dealership employs — to showcase and differentiate its three major brands by using three different, distinct entrances — makes the dealership a three-headed monster of sorts, in terms of its uniqueness among dealerships. 

The new 36,000-square-foot dealership will feature three different entrances for each major OEMs they carry. Photos courtesy of HyMark Motorsports

Owner Chuck Golinvaux, who has over 40 years of combined experience with auto and powersports dealerships, said a lot of thought went into this unique layout. 

He ran a successful South Dakota Honda/Yamaha dealership for a number of years, and he had the goal of expansion when he bought HyMark.

“I’ve always felt that multi-line dealers don’t give any of their lines premium billing and the attention it deserves, and it’s confusing for the consumer — you’ve got a Polaris Sportsman next to a Yamaha Grizzly, next to a Honda Rancher, and there’s no brand differentiation,” Golinvaux said.

He added that he believes customers who buy Polaris and metric brands are two different people. There’s little brand crossover, and as a result laying out the dealership with different entrances makes perfect sense. 

“Our anchor brands are Polaris, Indian and Honda, and we’ll try to have three separate personalities — we’ll have three separate storefront entrances, and they will be distinctly different in style,” Golinvaux added.

With the distinct showrooms that will be on opposite ends of the building (with Indian in between), he also intends to have separate sales staffs for Honda and Polaris — though the details are yet to be worked out. 

A mezzanine inside the dealership will have office space, as well as a parts and accessories area and plenty of space to display vintage bikes.

Golinvaux said the dealership’s previous space had almost no space set aside for parts and accessories, and as a result the store plans to dedicate several aisles on the upstairs mezzanine specifically for P&A. Perhaps even more valuable for customers, a 6,000 square-foot — and already-built — storage warehouse allows the dealership to have a lot more inventory on hand, and protected indoors.  

As part of the goal of becoming a destination dealership, a vintage gas station storefront complete with old school gas pumps and a repurposed Amoco sign will be built near the Indian showroom. Furthermore, vintage bikes will be displayed throughout the dealership.


“I really think that it will be a destination dealership, where if you’re interested in powersports, you have to come see this store — we could have gone normal and built a box and saved millions of dollars, but I wanted to leave a legacy, and build something that can help grow the business,” Golinvaux said. 

Golinvaux credits his staff with putting his business in a position to seek out large-scale expansion, as well as with helping hash out the details for the new space’s plans. 

“We identified our core values and then we tried to hire according to those — I had a vision but the credit goes to the people that execute it on a daily basis,” Golinvaux said.

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