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Dealership named No. 1 for 2017 by Harley-Davidson

Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson, located in Maryville, Tennessee, has been named the No. 1 Bar and Shield Award Winner for 2017 by Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson dealerships earn points for each measure based on their performance.

"This was a real rally cry for our team,” owner Scott Maddux told PSB. “Once we got word back in September that we were in the top six, we started talking collectively in our morning meetings about being No. 1 and it seemed very doable.

“We really put a lot of pressure on ourselves because when it gets right down to it, it doesn’t take much of a stumble to lose a lot of ground, but our lead was spreading — every month we were getting a bigger lead once we really started driving hard on it. We’re just getting started, and I think we all think that. Our mission since we wrote our mission statement 13 years ago has always been to be the best dealership that Harley-Davidson has.”

(From left) Scott Maddux, PSB's Kate Swanson, Todd Long and Shane Tymon during the 2017 Power 50 Dealer Awards dinner at AIMExpo in Columbus, Ohio.

Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson has been named a Power 50 dealership by Powersports Business in each of the past three years.

Check out a video of Motor Co. president and CEO Matt Levatich making the announcement to the dealership via a video on Knoxville’s CBS TV affiliate, WVLT, by clicking here.

Enter your dealership into the 2018 Powersports Business Power 50 Dealer Awards program by clicking here. Deadline for applications is April 15, 2018.


And with that, we’ll seek your help with adding to our list of Bar and Shield Award winners. The Motor Co. keeps the dealership names under lock and key rather than shout them from the rooftops, so PLEASE let us know if dealership was a 2017 Harley-Davidson Bar and Shield award winner, and the level. Send a note to dmcmahon at powersportsbusiness.com.

We’ll comtinue to update the list in the Enewsletters and in upcoming editions of the magazine.

Here’s the initial list. We’ll add your dealership if you let us know.

— Dave McMahon

2017 Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Award Winners


Platinum (6)

(1) Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson — Maryville, TN

Black Wolf Harley-Davidson — Bristol, VA



Mad River Harley-Davidson — Sandusky, OH





Adventure Harley-Davidson — Dover, OH

Rock-N-Roll City Harley-Davidson — Cleveland, OH


  1. High Desert Harley-Davidson was awarded Gold Bar & Shield from Harley-Davidson for 2017

    • First Name: Todd
    • Last Name: Godfrey


  2. Smokey Mtn Harley deserves to be number one....Great store,huge inventory's and the help could not have been more helpful and nice.....Congrats to Smokey Mtn. Harley

    • First Name: Garry
    • Last Name: Euler
    • Email Address: eulergarry@gmail.com


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