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Yamaha unveils 2016 snowmobiles

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Yamaha announced its largest 4-stroke snowmobile product line ever today with a number of new models and variations, including ten Limited Edition models only available during the ‘Spring Power Surge’ program.

“Each year, we’re bringing more and more packages to market that will help our dealers serve the unique needs of the marketplace,” said the head of Yamaha’s North American Snowmobile team, Peter Smallman-Tew. “The 2016 model year has a lot of exciting additions that have us competing in more categories than we ever have with the four-stroke platform.”


SR Viper L-TX LE

Major additions and improvements to the trail line include a new SingleShot air suspension with Fox FLOAT 3 XV rear shock. The SingleShot comes on all Apex and Vector models and shaves a significant amount of weight off of each snowmobile. Vector has received a new Engine Management System with D-Mode and Yamaha chip controlled throttle for better response, versatility and fuel-efficiency. Both Apex and Vector also receive LE versions with upgraded Fox FLOAT 3 front shocks, factory-installed Yamaha Performance Damper and limited edition color and graphics.

The exciting return of the SRViper R-TX series of snowmobiles sees the DX models get striking new colors in black and gold or black with red accent, while the SE models receive new Fox piggyback coil-over front shocks and 2-inch piggyback rear shocks. For LE models, the SRViper R-TX LE is one of our most decorated sleds for next season with Fox EVOL RC front shocks, dual race rear shocks, goggle bag, heated seat, super short windscreen, and Yamaha Performance Damper. The Yamaha Performance Damper is now available as a Spring Power Surge only incentive on the SRViper R-TX LE and SRViper L-TX LE snowmobiles.

The Viper L-TX line, featuring the 137 track length, receives many of the same features as the R-TX line, including upgraded suspensions, colors and accessories making it one of the most desirable Yamaha snowmobiles in 2016. The Phazer R-TX also returns for 2016, offering customers one of the best value sport performance models on snow.


Vector X-TX 1.75 LE

The expansion Yamaha’s crossover segment is extremely exciting for 2016. With seven brand new models being released which feature hybrid technologies allowing you to perform better both on the groomed trail and in the fresh powder.

New for 2016 are 2 totally redesigned models in the high performance Apex X-TX 1.75 and Apex X-TX 1.75 LE. Both models receive the SingleShot air suspension and Camoplast Backcountry track, while the LE model also includes Yamaha Performance Damper and Fox FLOAT 3 front shocks.

On the Viper chassis, we’re proud to introduce the all-new S-TX 137 DX and the S-TX 146 DX. Standard features on the 137 DX include a dual-shock 137 rear skid with HPG shocks, tall windscreen, heated trail seat and goggle bag. New for 2016 is an 8-pocket modular rear bumper, semi-hard saddle bags, and an all-new 1.6 inch lug, Camoplast Cobra track.

The all-new SR Viper S-TX 146 DX provides more off trail options with an all-new 146-inch dual shock SR rear suspension and roomy rear trunk storage with 4.7 gallon auxiliary fuel tank. Paired with the HPG shocks, tall windscreen, mirrors and trail seat, the 146 has everything off trail explorers are looking for.


RSVector now has three crossover options in the Vector X-TX, Vector X-TX 1.75 and Vector X-TX 1.75 LE. The RS Vector X-TX 1.75 and RS Vector X-TX snowmobiles are that perfect blend, now offered in both on and off trail performance. X-TX 1.75 versions get the Camoplast Backcountry track to compliment the SingleShot suspension, while the LE version is adorned with Yamaha Peformance Damper and upgraded Fox front suspension.

The spunky Phazer X-TX returns for 2016 and rounds out the complete line of Yamaha crossover snowmobiles.


Phazer M-TX

For 2016, the SRViper M-TX will be available in 141, 153 and 162-inch track lengths in three distinct trim packages and six unique color packages.

At the heart of 2016 M-TX is the all-new SRV-M front suspension. The sculpted spindle, tucked upper and lower control arms, and narrowed 34.5-inch stance all contribute to a suspension design that is 2.4 pounds lighter, easier to steer and delivers dramatically improved deep snow capabilities.

Our DX models, available in both 153 and 162 track lengths, feature black or red plastics and black tunnels, HPG coil over shocks all-around, and the traction of a 2.6-inch Power Claw track.

The M-TX SE line has the options of 141, 153 and 162 track lengths. These models tout upgraded control in the form of Fox FLOAT 3 shocks up front and Dual Shock SR suspension in the rear. In addition, a new 2016 lightweight drilled brake rotor also comes standard.

For those wanting the ultimate in deep snow capability, the M-TX LE series pulls out all the stops. Leading the way are new FOX FLOAT 3 EVOL and Evol R at all four suspension points on the sled. Wrapping around the rear skid is an all-new,

3-inch Power Claw track that comes standard on all LE model M-TX’s.

Other Yamaha features found exclusively on the LE series include a new larger rear storage bag; heated mountain seat a lightweight drilled brake rotor, goggle bag, and vertical steering post to go along with unique Yamaha blue and white or red & white color options.

The Phazer M-TX returns with its lightweight 2-cylinder engine and agile boon-docking chassis setup.

Touring / Utility / Youth

RS Venture TF
RS Venture TF

The touring and work crowd will find top–tier features like electric power steering, ample storage space and comfortable suspension calibrations in the 2016 Yamaha line. The RSVenture TF returns, also getting the new engine management system and an LE model is available in the spring with the Yamaha Performance Damper. The carbureted base model RSVenture also returns.

One of the most improved snowmobiles in the line this year is sure to be the completely redesigned VK Professional II. The VK has been tested, proven, and then tested more in some of the most bone-chilling conditions on earth. Nearly every part of this snowmobile, from the completely restyled bodywork, the more upright riding position, the 1049cc, fuel-injected engine, the heightened 1.5-inch lug on the track to the larger fuel-tank and slimmed down ergonomics has been manufactured and designed with one goal in mind, to make it the best utility snowmobile on the market.

Not to be forgotten, the youngest sledders in the group will enjoy the return of the SRX 120, powered by a rugged and reliable 123cc Yamaha engine.

The 2016 snowmobile line is sending the message that Yamaha is here to Conquer Snow in every category, for every rider.

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